Geohot Updates Blackra1n for iPhone OS 4

Geohot released the all-in-one iPhone jailbreak tool blackra1n late last year. Apple previewed iPhone OS 4.0 last Tuesday. Many people afterwards asked, “when will 4.0 be jailbroken?” Well, it already has been!

The iPad has been jailbroken and now Geohot has confirmed via twitter that iPhone OS 4 has too.

Clicking on the image link showed an iPhone running OS 4.0 with both blackra1n and Cydia icons:

The cat and mouse game continues between Apple and these iPhone ‘freedom fighters’. Expect updated releases to come soon, probably after 4.0 is released to prevent patches from Apple.

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  • Carl W.

    The title is misleading. He hasn't “updated” Blackra1n until it's released.

  • damn it we have to wait forever now 🙁

  • Fair enough, but he's updated himself to allow it to be installed on his iPhone 😉

  • We don't even have 4.0 yet (unless you're a Dev), so you're gonna be waiting anyways!

  • rorypiper

    That's pretty awesome that we'll have a jailbreak for 4.0 right away, but sucks that we might have to wait that long for the iPad jailbreak. We'll see.

  • Ryan

    Any news on the unlock for 4.0?

  • Ryan

    Any news on the unlock for 4.0?