Google Mobile App Gets Push Notifications For Gmail & Calendar


This week, Google updated their Google Mobile App for iOS with Gmail and Calendar push notifications.

With the push notifications update, Gmail messages (both personal/custom domain) and calendar alerts are pushed to the home screen as soon as they arrive as a pop-up or icon badge.

The alert system can further be refined to only sound alerts at certain times of the day.

The new update also added an improved search-as-you-type function that recognizes search inputs and provides the intended results in real time. Currency values, stock quotes, weather, and flights will all show up in the live results. This is similar to how Google search works in browsers such as Safari.

The Google Mobile App includes other features such as Search by Voice, Contact Search, Google Suggest, and My Location, the latter which is a feature that allows users to avoid typing in their location when searching for nearby businesses.

Google Mobile App is universal for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so if you have multiple iDevices, check it out [App Store link]!



  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain any advantage of doing this instead of syncing my calendar/email with exchange and getting notified when i have a new email of appt reminder?

  • Adam

    It’s more push now so I guess more in tune with how blackberrys are is what I’m guessing

  • Or you can just use a gmail exhcnage server for your mail which also syncs your calendar with google calendar and you get normal alerts from your calendar?

  • my Gmail was always push from day one ^_~. I just set it up with Microsoft Exchange account.
    I use MobileMe as well. so after paying the $70 im kinda committed to apple lol.

  • Abc321

    I did the setup and checked the Notification section, but NO push on any gmail received.


  • az

    Same here.
    I do get the number badge right away, though…

  • JfromK

    Hurm, well I guess the advantage would be that you have a shiny blue ‘g’ icon on your screen? *shrugs*

  • az

    Gmail have non-standard imap/exchange support due to their labels feature, instead of plain folders. This creates a mess if you actively use the labels feature. So, I don’t like to use built-in mail app (or any other desktop mail client) for my gmail account. Instead, I use their web interface which you have to check for new mail manually. This app seems to be the only way to have push notifications on iphone if you only use the web interface.
    Technically, I could setup exchange for my gmail just to have the push emails, and not use the mail client at all, and keep using the web interface. However, having push email on will decrease the battery life. Whereas, this app uses Apple’s push notification system, which is already turned on on my iphone for other apps. So, I believe it doesn’t decrease the battery life any more than usual.

  • Anonymous

    Srsly, that’s the MUCH better option, and that’s what I use. I have my Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts all syncing to my phone. There’s about a 7 second update delay between putting something into the web interface and it showing up on my iPhone. lol

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely none, actually, you’d probably just be wasting your time setting it up. lol

  • Anonymous

    i dont see why this is soon good, ive been getting push gmail, through Mail for years

  • Ron

    I thought Mail didn’t offer push notifications unless you subscribed to

  • Exchange servers are push capable. Gmail can be set up on Exchange instead of IMAP, which allows push mail. Works good for push. Fails at searching the server for old mail though.

  • Ron

    I’ve installed this on my iPad and my iPhone, and have yet to receive one single push notification over the past week…

    I don’t think it works as advertised… has anyone received a push notification alert pop-up at all from this app?

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  • Anonymous

    are we surprised, just sue the mail app. set it up for a pop3 account

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