iDroid Mini Browser: An Android-ish Browser for iPhone


Have you been looking for an alternative to Mobile Safari, for browsing the web on your iPhone? Take a look at “iDroid Mini Browser”. Typically, when we hear about a new browser for the iPhone, that is somewhat based another mobile platform, it would only be available in Cydia, for jailbroken iPhones. Well, some how, this one slipped past the app checker guys, and is now available for free, in the App Store.

Here’s some of the features of iDroid Mini Browser, as described in the App Store:

iDroid Mini Browser is an innovative browser designed specifically for the iPhone.Inspired by iPhone’s Safari,Android browser and Opera min. A definitely must have for all iPhone and iPod Touch users!

● Interactive Tab browsing:
Innovative tab browsing designed only for the iPhone. The active tab is shown by green light. When the web browser is loading, the green light will blink.

● Full Screen Browsing:
Want to enjoy web pages in full screen? There is NO button for that… Simply rotate you iPhones/iPod Touches to landscape 🙂

● Advanced caching algorithm:
Ensures fast loading of websites!

● Preview Tab:
A real comfortable way to take a peek at other tab while staying on the current tab. Tap and hold any inactive tab to preview.

● Smart Url:
The smart url is inspired by google chrome. Suggestions from appear as user type the url. It saves time and makes browsing experience better.

● Quick Links (Visual favourites):
Inspired by many leading browser, apparently this feature is currently missing. In iDroid Mini Browser, user can add their own Quick Links to access their favorite website very quickly!

● Sleek graphic:
Meticulously designed UI for more pleasant experience. Many of the UI is inspired by other famous browsers, but has been carefully designed to fit the iPhone perfectly.

I found that the browser works quite well. Bookmarks and quick-links were easy to set up. The tabbed browsing is really nice, being able to see the names of the sites you have tabbed. The speed of the browser was really great for iPhone optimized sites, but I found it a bit sluggish for regular web viewing.

I put together this quick video, so you could see it in action:

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  • Good job on the video! Got the new camera? 😉 Android-ish browser looks cool.

  • rorypiper

    Thanks. Yeah, got the new camera. I went with something middle of the road, a Canon SX200 is. It falls somewhere in between a small point-and-shoot and a full DSLR. Takes great stills and shoots 720p video.

  • gtasscarlo

    I just downloaded it and I find it downloads faster than safari in loading webpages , only thing is it doesn't have a dot com button like safari does other than that great browser

  • gtasscarlo

    Nvm scratch that it does have a dot com button

  • Derrick

    Looks like it's got potential. Used it for a while, and while overall the experience was positive, there's a few wrinkles that would need to be ironed out before I adopted it as a full safari replacement.

    1) if you accidentally click the address bar, it's nearly impossible to get the keyboard to go away without navigating somewhere. This is annoying, as the keyboard blocks access to the tab bar, menu, and bottom e quicklinks.

    2) Its fairly slow in regular browsing, and that's compared to safari which is already slow.

    3) no way to 'open link in new tab. I REALLY want a browser to open links in new background tabs.

    I'm keeping this installed, so I can keep track of it's progress via updates. It certainly has potential.

    Also, I hope this means Apple may give OperaMini the green light. Alternative browsers are a very good thing. Are there any good jailbreak ones? I've never found one that wasn't just a safari reskinning.

  • rorypiper

    There was a cool Palm Pre style browser in Cydia called “ZapBrowser”. Not sure if it's still there. We reviewed it, if you want to take a look:

  • chilyn

    It appears the iDroid mini browser is no longer available on the app store. Any idea why?

  • Anonymous

    It appears the iDroid mini browser is no longer available on the app store. Any idea why?