iPhone Dev Team Updates Ultrasn0w iPhone unlock tool

Before you begin to read, this post ONLY applies to the following iPhone users:

  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • Baseband: 04.26
  • Firmware: 3.1.2

To check your baseband, on your iPhone to go Settings > General > About and scroll the the bottom beside the title “Modem Firmware”.

If you do not have the three points above, please stop reading now.

Dev Team Updates Ultrasn0w

This morning the iPhone Dev Team released a quick update to their Ultrasn0w iPhone unlocking tool available in Cydia.

The update fixes an issue for iPhone users of firmware 3.1.2 and baseband 04.26 that left users without a carrier name in the upper left corner of the iPhone screen. The update brings Ultrasn0w to version 0.92 (from 0.91).

You can find the latest update in the http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com Cydia source.

For those looking for an easy jailbreak/unlock guide for the iPhone/iPod Touch, see our guide here.


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  • Dusty

    Good job Dev Team!

  • Confirmed this is addressing the issue for jailbroken 3G on 3.1.2 with 04.26 baseband. The correct carrier name is back!

  • Tom

    Baseband: 04.26 means 04.26.08 is included?

  • Question

    Is it okay to update to this new ultrasn0w version (0.92) if still using 3.0?

    iPhone: 3GS
    Jailbroken: 3.0
    Modem Firmware: 04.26.08

  • Dusty

    Yes 04.26.08

  • Dusty

    Yes. Its just a carrier name fix that has been an issue for a while… and your BB is still 04.26.08 which is what it works with.

  • Tom

    I can try now!!

  • Tom

    I can try now!!