Kickstarter: Hone For iPhone 4S – Never Lose Your Keys Again [VIDEO]


Louis Gerbarg and Geoff Litwack from Los Angeles have just come up with a brand new Kickstarter project called the Hone which is a small low-energy Bluetooth device that works with iPhone 4S as well as the New iPad. Hone simply attaches to a keychain that lights up and audibly vibrates when triggered using an iOS app, so you can find your misplaced keys.

The app and device pair automatically. To find your keys, just tap the Find button in the app and if you don’t hear or see it immedately, just walk around with the app open. Hone has a built-in proximity sensor so you’ll know when you’re getting closer or farther away.

Here are some technical details of Hone:

Hone only works with the iPhone 4S and iPad 3.

The included CR2032 battery lasts six months, and depending on usage you may see better results.

The Bluetooth 4.0 low energy chipset we use has a range of 50 meters or 164 feet. Effective range can vary in real-world environments.

The case dimensions are 2 1/8×1 1/4×1/2in (54x32x15mm). Hone weighs just 0.6oz with battery.

 Made In the USA

To reserve you’re a Hone for yourself, you’ll need to pledge $49 as well as $15 for shipping to Canada. The goal for the project is $46,000 and with 27 days to go, the project has already raised $27,000 with over 400 backers. You can pledge or read more about the project here.


  • Guest

    such a dumb name!!! HONE!!! lmao sounds more like Horny! what if your phone is missing with your keys

  • cyruskafaiwu

    I remember this happen before. I forget where it was like months ago from Belkin.

  • ierick

    They wasted their time ,making a video saying “How can you loose your keys” instead a video talking about ” How does –Hone– work ”
    Anyways good luck guys

  • Acer

    This isn’t ingenious or anything, just another accessory.

    But what IS ingenious is that company that’s making the electronic key and lock pads for consumer use with smartphones and iPhones. I can’t recall the company’s name, but they were on Dragons Den or Shark Tank!

  • Daniel

    Yes, that is Kat Dennings! Her brother is part of the project

  • David

    Yeah those $300 keypads are flying off the shelf, so much so that Schlag just keeps discounting them.

  • Acer

    I was actually talking about UniKey (it was on Shark Tank), which costs half that.

  • so much so that Schlag just keeps discounting

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  • Guest

    can the Hone find your phone if you lose that?

  • Tim

    What are you, 12? If you lose your phone, you’re an idiot!

  • Tim

    You guys really need to think outside the box and beyond just using HONE for keys. That’s all I will say, but for those of you who are actually thinkers… you’ll understand what I mean. For the others (those who actually worry about losing your phone), just stay in your happy place, okay!