MyWi: Turns iPhone into Wireless Hotspot


You may have heard the latest news about the iPad release being delayed in Canada. Steve Jobs also mentioned that the iPad cannot tether to the iPhone’s data connection. So if you are an iPhone user looking to purchase an iPad, are you going to subscribe to TWO data plans?

MyWi: The Best iPhone Hotspot-Maker-App-Thingy Yet

Not so fast, young grasshopper. There’s a hot new app via Cydia (jailbroken iPhones only) that’s been burning up the charts. It’s called MyWi and it turns your iPhone into a wireless hotspot. This will allow you to connect unlimited devices. I’ve tried it with my iPad (and even up to 3 iPads) and it works amazingly well.

MyWi ($9.95US) will be useful for iPhone owners that can’t get their tethering to work properly, or want to share their data connection with another device like an iPad, PSP, DS, etc.

Here’s a quick summary of how to get MyWi on your iPhone:

1. Jailbroken iPhone required. Check out our guide.
2. Search Cydia for “MyWi (No Rock)”. Buy it for $9.95 (they accept PayPal).
3. Install it, follow the prompts (will require resprings and agreeing to some terms).
4. Setup MyWi on the iPhone and enable WiFi Tethering.
5. Get your iPad/PSP/laptop etc and connect to your desired network name.
6. VOILA! Your iPhone is now a wireless hotspot!

Here are some screenshots of MyWi in action with my iPad:

I know a lot of you have been using MyWi already. It’s an amazing app and kudos to the devs for creating it. Let me know how MyWi works for you!


  • abbas400

    Hi Gary:
    why you said not from rock store, I got it from there and it works fine.

  • darek

    Great app. One question though, does anyone know why my firend's palm pre couldn't find the network?

  • mackman6151

    because it's annoying to allways have to go through the rock store. you also have to install an unnecessary rock app that hogs system memory (which is a big issue for 3G users)….if you only need the tethering app just install it natively via cydia without having to install and set up the Rock Store.

  • Because it's a palm pre. 😉


  • What he said. 🙂


  • digiital

    Awsome app. Use it ALL the time. When using Linux at work I dont have to do the tether. Or when driving my daughter in the back seat, she can use her itouch and surf the net while we drive around.

    But does it ever kill your battery. Make sure your connected to power.

  • DaSandman

    I've not tried either so this is a not against MyWi, but doesn't the (free) pdanet app in Cydia do the same thing?

  • digiital

    Could never get PDA to work. MyWi right off the bat it was up and running.

  • DaSandman

    OK thanks for feedback 🙂

  • Wuju

    I believe I got the rock version. Question is can i delete the Rock app after without losing the MyWi or need to download again when I need to restore my iPhone with future jailbreaking on the next OS?

  • TeenWolf

    Since the ipad requires iTunes 9.1 to sync. Have you had any problems syncing a jailbroken phone with it. I have an original version 3GS. jailbroken with blackra1n. It would defeat the purpose of buying mywi if I lost my jailbreak because of incompatibility issues.

  • mackman6151

    i tried that once, the answer is no lol….it'll also dlete all apps installed via the rock store. (another reason it sucks). did u pay for the rock version? if not just delete rock store app and install the non-rock store version….

  • mackman6151

    ^^ well put ^^ 🙂 (although i still love my old school Treo 650…..that was the last device that actually said “Palm Powered” on the back as opposed to “Access Powered”…its been only downhill since then :P)

  • KnightFire

    I'm JailBroken (3.1.3) and (I think) unlocked (04.26.08) via Sn0wbreeze, and tried the MyWi (Rock) Trial with mixed results; I ended up removing MyWi (Rock) because it was really messing up my iPhone – couldn't even enter a Passcode without disabling Rock Extensions first! I didn't know there was a (No Rock) version. Now, a question if I may – I installed Rock via Sn0wbreeze, can I safely remove it? I don't recall installing anything via Rock and really want MyWi to work on my 3.1.3 16GB 3G iPhone.

  • KnightFire

    PdaNet appears to be a 14 day trial, I believe MyWi was 10 days.

    MyWi set up a nice DHCP server with WEP, PdaNet says something about an AdHoc network.

  • KnightFire

    MyWi appears to only allow for a 10 day trial via MyWi (Rock), MyWi (No Rock) has no trial period 🙁
    PdaNet requires a computer to set up an AdHoc network, to which the PdaNet enabled iPhone connects too – definitely not as convenient as MyWi's DHCP router approach.

  • KnightFire

    Uninstalled Rock & Rock Extensions via Cydia without incident; however was disappointed to find MyWi (No Rock) has no trial period. Since I had such a bad experience with MyWi (Rock) I'm unwilling to pay for the MyWi (No Rock) version until I can hear back from someone who is also JailBroken on 3.1.3 like I am.

    FYI, rebooted after installing PdaNet, and spingboard crashed, did a restart and everything appears fine. PdaNet definitely sucks more battery than MyWi (Rock) {in my limited testing.}

  • KnightFire

    FYI, MyWi (Rock) is at v3.4.1 and MyWi (No Rock) is at v3.4.3b.

  • I usually use MyWi with a Richard Solo battery pack attached.

  • KnightFire

    La la la…

    Not much interest here, eh 🙁

  • eraynai

    Is this app still available through Cydia? I can't find it, could I be doing something wrong.

  • Mike

    Am I an idiot? I can't figure out how to pay for MyWi (No Rock).

    Cydia doesn't show a price when I search for it, and I can only install the Rock trial version without an error message.

    Please help!

  • sandrewb

    I have the same thing. While downloading it say the server can't be reached or something to that effect.

  • sandman

    I just jb my iphone with Spirit. But when I go to Cydia and try to download MyWi it says:
    running unreachable
    restart springboard.

    This is my first jailbreak. Did the dev. site get shut down? HELP. This is the only reason I jb my iPhone.

  • sandrewb

    I have the same thing. While downloading it say the server can't be reached or something to that effect.

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  • Dinfung7

    i just jb my 3gs with 4.0.1, also have the same error, anyone can help us?

  • Anonymous

    Greater one post that is about the MyWi athe Greatest Tweak in Cydia world man. Awesome style thanx for Update