President Obama Joins Instagram–Where’s PM Stephen Harper?


Back in September, Instagram hit their 10 Millionth user. Yesterday, the popular app had another important user milestone; the President of The United States.

Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows you to edit and upload your photos and then interact with other users in many of the same ways Twitter does. The differences are that everything you post has to have an accompanied photo and it’s a mobility only platform meaning that you have to use the app to share and interact.

The Obama machine has always been social media savvy so it’s no surprise that the app has been added to their information arsenal. What makes this foray stand out is the reality of the mobility-only platform however, the campaign team obviously believes the app has enough reach to make it worth their effort. Interesting timing, to be sure, as the Republican Iowa Caucus took place on the very same day he joined up.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said on the Instagram blog:

 “As we get closer to election day in 2012, we look forward to seeing how campaigns, reporters and voters use Instagram to tell the story of the 2012 Presidential Election through photos.”

Obama’s first two photos revolved around his video appearances at the Iowa Caucuses which marked the first day voters have had any kind of say in the GOP Presidential nomination race.

By the way–when will Prime Minister Stephen Harper join Instagram? Bets?


  • LOL no, well not now at least, see him doing it grudgingly for an election.

  • Does PM Harper even know what Instagram is?

  • Chris

    Normally, I would say a President/Prime Minister wouldn’t have the time to run these frivolous kind of things as they have a country to run. However, Obama does everything but run his country, this is probably the only reason why he would even know about something like this. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Can’t read? “This account is run by Obama 2012 staff” – So Obama doesn’t have time for it either.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? Harper is running the country and not wasting time with silly things like this. Maybe Obama should stop playing around with silly things like this and try and figure out that little debt problem they have down there. This is stupid.

  • shitharperdid

    Why would you want to see Harper on instagram? He hates art…

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  • Louise

    Harper’s probably wasting his time with other things because he ain’t doing a good job. And it doesn’t take that long to snap a photo and post it on instagram. He has time to completely bring shame to a John Lennon song by doing an awful cover of it and he has time to hang around Nickelback.

  • Daniel