Pull to Refresh for iPhone Mail App Available [Cydia]


The jailbreak community comes up with some amazing stuff. Today the latest tweak is Pull to Refresh for the iPhone’s Mail app. Pull to refresh first came to the iPhone via Loren Brichter’s Tweetie app. Now, that feature is commonplace amongst various iPhone apps (E.G. Facebook app).

Pull to Refresh for Mail is something that I’ve wanted to see for the longest time. This free tweak is now available in Cydia. Screenshots below:

Let me know how you like this tweak. It will works for both iOS 3.x and iOS 4., and requires mobilesubstrate.


  • yelllow

    thanks for posting how to get it. whats the tweak called in cydia?

  • Pull to Refresh

  • pretty cool. Although my iphone 4’s not jailbroken so I can’t try this. My 3G is however!

  • Anonymous

    Impressive review regarding the Pull to Refresh and it’s really looks amazing and most interesting can’t wait to downloads out in my Iphone…

  • Kossjet

    why not just click the refresh button?