The End Of For Jailbreakers


If you use a jailbroken iPhone, you likely have been taking advantage of either Cydia or Well, two weekends ago Rock Your Phone and Saurik’s Cydia announced that they would merge and that both of their respective stores for jailbroken devices would merge as well. To be more specific though, Cydia acquired Rock Your Phone and all of the products, licenses and sales have now moved over to Cydia as of yesterday.

Rock Your Phone was launched in 2008 providing iPhone users who took the plunge and jailbroke their phone, an alternative to Apple’s App Store. They were the first to introduce a market that spanned across the desktop, web, and mobile device platforms. They also featured 10 day trials of any application in their market, something iPhone users have been begging for from Apple for some time.

According to Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), the combination of the two companies will allow them to collaborate instead of fight each other, allowing them to bring you “twice as much awesome”. He also states (on Cydia’s Merger FAQ page) that although was much faster than Cydia, it was due to some “dangerous shortcuts” that resulted in an update which forced users “to restore their devices and start over.”

The most important aspect of this aquisition/merger is that if you purchased any app in Rock, the licenses are promised to not only be ported over, but done so as smoothly as possible. Account transitions are said to be equally as smooth.

Do you use wither or Cydia? How has this affected you?

[Rock Your Phone/Cydia via 9to5 Mac]


  • Sushii

    Cydia just seems so sluggish on the iPhone 3G. To bad i can’t use Rock anymore.

  • o0cynix0o

    What a Vinny mac move. So you see you self getting beat by Rock your phone, so you buy your competition. This just sucks. I the guys behind Cydia just moved over into Apple territory. Third party app with us or don’t at all. Real nice guys. Money money money! Dump Trucks of cash!!!

  • Akira8473

    the only way ill be happy is if cydia gets some of the features rock has, and a major speed improvement

  • I really don’t think Saurik thought they he was getting beat by Rock.Im pretty sure the guy who runs Rock was happy to sell. He probably makes plenty on the apps he writes, MyWi and My3G for example, and now he doesn’t have to work on the Rock app anymore and can focus on writing apps that make him money rather than the platform to sell them on.

    This also means more cooperation and focus for developers.. You don’t have to choose stores anymore, the choice was made for you and developers only have to submit their app to one location.

    Rock may have had some nice to have features but Comex is looking into improving Cydia and hopefully it’ll be as good or better than Rock soon.

  • Rock was great. Way faster than Cydia, which deems to always load forever.

  • Nick

    I hope Cydia gets updated to run as smoothly as Rock did. Even without taking ‘shortcuts’ I’m sure it’s possible for it to have a better GUI. The question is: will they get around to doing it?

    Also for users of iBlacklist who installed it through Rock:
    When I uninstalles the Rock App, iBlacklist stopped working. I didn’t notice until I tried to launch the app. To get it back I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with Cydia, then in the app I tapped register and download license.

  • Mark

    Nice WWE reference. Are you twelve? This sort of thing happens in the business world every day. Strategic acquisitions are key in pretty much every sector, especially in technology.

  • Anonymous

    Just a playful jab @ ya Gary………but ever heard of spellcheck? lol

  • Chris

    Thanks for the tip! users will need ones like this to help them through the transition!

  • Blame it on the iPhone auto correct! I wasn’t holding it the right way! 😛

  • Anonymous

    im a Cydia user, but i tried Rock in the past, but went back to cydia because i found that not all the apps could be installed though rock

  • Anonymous

    When does Cydia start offering the back up feature that Rock did? I just had to replace my iPhone 4 (don’t ask) and after jailbreaking it I was able to restore all my Rock apps with one click. It’s as easy as adding a new phone to iTunes and using your backup. Cydia, please keep the backup and restore feature. It was what made Rock better than you.

  • 3g123

    Saurik probably has a 3GS or 4 and he doesn’t care about us 3Gers at all!