50% Off invisibleSHIELDS and ZAGGskins Today Only for 2 Hours


Looks like ZAGG is getting ready to clear out some stock in anticipation for the iPhone 5. They are offering a limited time only 2 hour 50% off sale, and it takes place right now from 1:30PM PDT to 3:30PM PDT (4:30-6:30PM EDT).

By using the promo code september during checkout, you will save 50% on all invisibleSHIELDS and ZAGGskins. You can read our iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD review here.

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  • Khanhtphan

    Ugh. What is the point of these discounts when shipping is 15 bucks?!

  • Captain Crunch

    Shipping is wrong on their website for international customers.  You need to call their customer service (1.800.700.9244) and place you order through them to get the correct shipping rate (around $5).  I’ve had this issue several times and asked them to fix it but to no avail.

  • Tim

    I appreciate that this helps pay the bills for the site. I also appreciate all of the efforts of the writers. However, if we’re being honest, you’re much better to go on ebay and order 10 screen protectors for a few bucks with shipping included. It’s just pieces of plastic and I cannot see the justification in paying Zagg’s prices. I’ve been using the ebay variant for almost a year now on my iphone 5 and it works great. Plus, if by some chance it peels off or needs replacing, I have nine more protectors kicking around.