Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Case Comparison: Original vs Revised


When the CDMA iPhone 4 landed on the Verizon network in the US, Apple quietly released a revision to their iPhone 4 Bumper case. The Bumper was offered free to users (and refunds for those purchased) after the fallout of ‘Antennagate‘. The original design was criticized by many as being ‘loose’ around the edges and the 30 pin connector area wasn’t wide enough to accomodate 3rd party connectors.

The latest Bumper from Apple has some subtle changes, which makes it compatible with both GSM and CDMA versions of the iPhone. The area around the mute/silent switch now has a thinner outline to make sliding of the switch easier. Also, the most notable change has been the expansion of the Bumper along the 30 pin connector. It’s now substantially wider and taller to ensure other connectors will fit as well.

The 2nd gen Bumper also fit our iPhone 4 a bit snugger than before, as it feels smaller. Pinching the sides of the Bumper against my phone no longer was possible (there used to be a ‘gap’). The volume buttons and sleep/wake button no longer ‘rattle’ when shaken.

If you’re using the original Bumper and are frustrated that your 3rd party connectors won’t fit, I’d consider giving Apple a call for replacement. This new version appears to be improved, albeit slightly.

Pictures below:

Are you still using your Bumper case with your iPhone? Do you have the original or revised version?


  • Daniel

    How does the 2nd gen bumper fit with the Zagg???

  • We didn’t try it with ZAGG on, but without side protection it should be fine.

  • mminoo

    Can these be found in Canadian Apple store?

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone bumper has to be one of the most overpriced accessories.
    Why spending $29 for one when you can get a clone for $2.37 free shipping from places like dealextreme?
    Your gf can buy one of each color to match her outfit or fingernails, and still with change to spare compared with buying the Apple one! 🙂

  • Mike

    Personally the bumper screwed up the edges of Zagg. I will never buy zagg again, it is a good protection on its own, but doesn’t go well with any other accessories.

  • Ex


    ZAGG + Bumper = Bad combo with bubbling

  • Yes

  • Carol-761224

    I have two bumpers from Apple Store Canada…
    One– bought it with my iPhone4.. Second, i bought it a month ago…

    And they both seem to be the same OLD ones..

    Donno if they’ll exchange it though…(sigh)

  • I’d ask anyways.

  • TonygBaker

    What I would like to know is whether this redesigned bumper will still damage the metal band as did the previous version?

  • Jeff

    I got my bumper (original) free with the Apple app. I took a Dremel to it and essentially did the same mods that ended up in the revised version. Nice to see Apple saw the same problems most of us saw and did something about it.

  • Drocass

    Now only if Apple would keep charging Docks in mind….
    For suckers like myself who bought one for the iPhone to realize the iPhone requires a case to make it not fit lol.

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  • Monmin

    where did you buy it? I’m in Indonesia and hoping that I could get one of those for my iPhone 4S.. 🙁
    email me :