Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Leather Case Review


Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case


Along with the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple unveiled new cases for both phones. They come in either leather or silicon and they also come in a variety of colours. And again, like last year, you will be paying a premium for the official Apple cases. I’ve been using my Product Red leather case with the iPhone 6 Plus since launch and have been very impressed.

Here’s my video review of the case. I will point out, the iPhone 6 cases are exactly the same, except smaller, so my review will hold true for both the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6.

The leather cases are really nice. They feel great in the hand and add a little bit of grip, which is welcome if you have the iPhone 6 Plus. With the cutout bottom this year you should have no issues using any of your headphones or third part Lightning cables.

Many of you have also been asking how the case works with the InvisibleShield Glass screen shield from ZAGG. It works flawlessly. The screen shield is cut to only cover the touch screen, so there is plenty of room along the sides for the case.

Did you pick up one of the new Apple cases for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Let me know what you think of them so far.


  • Daniel

    $45+tax just for a screen protector is just retarded . To eBay I go where I can get essentially the same thing x5 for like $3 shipped .

  • GS

    Does anyone know how the silicone case compares to the leather? Is it the gross, sticky kind of silicone? I haven’t been able to find the black silicone case in stock so I bought the leather case, but it’s hard to justify paying $55 for a phone case.

  • matt

    Picked up a black one when I went to get my reservation iPhone 6 Plus at Richmond center location this past Friday. Really didn’t want to go naked with my phone so I ended up getting one of the leather ones. I’m quite happy with it so far….protective yet elegant.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Someone told me it’s more like the texture of the iPad Smart Covers – the non leather ones of course.

  • MeadorsMusings

    True, but how good are they and are they really what they say they are. My other concern would be guarantee. If I have issues with the ZAGG I know I can contact them and they’ll send me out a new one because of their guarantee.

  • Lopes66

    Hello Kris, great review!

    I got this case as well and was kind of hesitant on the price but it’s worth it. It feels great and adds some good grip for the 6+. I’m hoping that it’s durable and that the leather doesn’t fade and scratch easily. The volume buttons aren’t bad but I wish the power but had more response to it.

  • Salinger

    I bought the black leather case for my space grey 6 Plus. I balked at paying that much for a case at first, but only got it after not being able to find anything else locally. I didn’t want to go a week or more waiting on something through online shopping because the smooth curves plus thin form factor would definitely have led me to dropping it at some point before that.

    Now, I can say i’m glad I got it. Yes, an extremely expensive case to be sure, but it looks and feels so good. Understated, yet elegant. As Kris said in the video, it really is a premium case for a premium phone. No regrets here.

  • Sumit Sekhri

    the eBay ones are really terrible from my experience. It was more of a flimsy piece of clear paper that showed scratches on it. I find you have to go with a reputable brand (whoever that might be).

  • fshgrl

    I purchased the silicone case (red) for my iPhone 6 and I absolutely love it. Gives the phone a great grip and doesn’t add too much bulk. Buttons are perfectly responsive. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Steven Prindiville-Kirby

    Thanks for the review. A concern I have regards complaints I recall of the 5s versions – about how easily they tarnish and stain (with sweat grease etc.). Was that your experience with your 5s case, and should we expect the same from these new ones? Anyone?

    Thanks again!

  • Erik

    I purchased the Red Leather iPhone case a year ago for my iPhone 5 and it got dirty really fast only after a week of normal wear and tear.

  • Salinger

    I saw them in the Apple store, they looked quite nice though I never got to handle one outside the package. I went with the leather because I figured, while $55 for a leather phone case is crazy, $45 for a rubber one is more crazy. 🙂