Apple Updates Universal Dock For iPhone, iPod


This week Apple has updated its Universal Dock accessory package which provides users with a charging and syncing solution for iPhone and iPod. The dock also provides a method for users to attach their iPhone or iPod to a stereo, TV, or receiver.

In terms of the update, the actual dock itself is unchanged but the package contents have been modified to include the company’s new aluminum remote instead of the previous white remote.

The new universal dock package apparently still does not include a USB power adapter or a USB to Dock connector cable, which is odd considering that Apple has raised the price of the package from $55 to $65 and that there is a photo of the USB cable on the box.

Also, with the launch of several new iDevices, the package contains new dock adapters for iPhone 4/3GS/3G, second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPod touch, and the fifth-generation iPod nano. Adapters for other iPod and iPhone models not included in the package can be purchased separately as the dock itself is compatible with every Apple iPhone and iPod.


  • Anonymous

    All I want is a good dock I can use with the iPhone 4 bumper fitted. Anyone got any recommendations?

  • The normal Universal Dock with the 2G iphone plate works fine for me, the ipod video plate also is decent
    its cool they updated it, not so cool that they also updated the price lol

  • I too had been looking for the longest time and no company that i have found really takes those kinda users in to account for fitting with a dock. What I have done in the past when i was using bumpers and other cases was the universal dock with no plate attachment. the USB sits higher that way, and connects the iphone with nearly any case on it. down side is there is nothing supporting your iphone at that point except the connection via USB. so if you happen to accidentally drop something on it, or give it a good shove it could damage or displace your USB connection on your phone

  • Noahattic

    wow, this is really odd….apple canada can charge you $21 for the cable and $35 for the power adapter now…
    the US one has the lower price as well considering the relatively low tax and almost 1:1 currency convert…..

  • Noahattic

    I have a good recommendation. There’s a Belkin universal dock for iPod on Amazon priced at $17 ish. If you take out the plastic insert, it may fit the iphone with bumper on.

  • Hmm Interesting, I will have to check it out.
    Thanks for the tip

  • kilimats

    problem with those docks is that they CANT be used with skins 🙁

    My Revo Iskin 4 will never fit in that. They should make a flat connector design with back support, who runs their iphone without skin anyway ?

  • JfromK

    Why the hell doesn’t Apple create a bumper adaptor for the universal dock? It’s mind boggling. Thankfully made2dock docks exist.