Apple’s Lightning Authentication Chip Cracked by 3rd Party Cable Maker


On the weekend M.I.C Gadget noted Apple’s Lightning authentication chip was cracked, allegedly by the Chinese accessory maker, iPhone5mod. MacRumors has followed up with the latter over the claim the chip has been cracked. iPhone5mod said they are currently using original chips directly from Apple’s supplier, but more importantly, they also have on hand unauthorized cracked chips:

iPhone5mod did, however, inform us that they have also obtained cracked chips that bypass Apple’s authentication functions and that the cracked chips are working just as well as the original chips, suggesting that we may soon see a significant increase in unauthorized third-party Lightning accessories.

If true, this means third-party Lightning accessories are set to explode in popularity. Let’s just hope these clones will work as advertised and not make your iOS device literally explode, as we’ve previously seen with cheap car chargers. There’s nothing like cheaping out to save $10, only to kill your $700 iPhone.

Currently, Lightning cables are available at Apple retail stores, with some resellers having limited supply. Earlier, iLounge went hands-on with the new Lightning to 30-pin adapter.


  • frank

    have literally bought over 100 3rd party cables and charges for myself, friends and family and nothing has ever been bricked

    maybe it will be a different story now with all this authentication chip stuff

  • 350Zed

    “There’s nothing like cheaping out to save $10, only to kill your $700 iPhone.”

    Since when do third-party cables “kill” iPhones?

    What’s “cheap” is you spreading unsubstantiated FUD, Gary.

  • Murv

    I’ve seen cheap car chargers destroy old IPhone 3g’s in the early days of the IPhone.

  • Prince


  • biggy604

    I got a bunch of their party cables at the yearly richmond night market’s that haven’t messed up my phone. I also had a car charger from Canadian Tire that hasn’t messed up my phone nor my sisters iPad. I guess it depends on where your getting the products from at times…

  • Rio

    There are a few cables that can kill your phone, just because you haven’t witnessed it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    That being said, the lightning cable is all the more sophisticated then the 30-pin so we shall see what will happen

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yea well considering Apple cheaped out, didn’t include them with the new iPhones AND are charging us Canadians MORE for them than our American counterparts which is even more of an insult when you consider our dollar is on par with or worth more than the American greenback then I’m glad this will cut into Apple’s profit margin once the counterfeit cables/adapters production is ramped up. As for Apple’s “security chip” to prevent counterfeit products from being manufactured……ahahahahahahahaha……..FAIL!

  • JMCD23

    I can see why a cheap car charger would have the ability to do that, it converts power. A USB cable does not.

  • Check out the link in the last line of the article. It has happened before. Just trying to keep people informed.

    BTW, don’t forget to look both ways when you cross the street.

  • That’s what I’m saying.