Check Out This Amazing iPhone 5 Case With E-ink Screen [VIDEO]


There are times when the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen just isn’t enough, but there is an amazing new case that turns the back of the iDevice into a secondary screen.

It’s called popSLATE, and it is a brand new case with a built-in display using the E-ink technology (similar to the ones you find on e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle) and it brings a second screen to your iPhone 5.


One of the most amazing features of popSLATE is that it can be always on, as its low-power technology allows this, and it can become the user’s screen for notifications, sports scores, maps, notes, etc. – you name it. However, it is black-and-white only.

Despite the company being in the early stages of development, it has a partnership with E Ink to use its latest ruggedized e-paper technology, and they are hoping to raise enough funds to make popSLATE a reality. The iPhone 5 case is available in black and white, with a starting price of $79 for the first 500 supporters.

[Via Engadget]


  • bradg17

    Cool idea, but I would never buy one. I payed for the screen that’s on the iPhone 5 lol. And it’s fantastic

  • Need this for iPad! Would be perfect for reading outside (the one real fault of the Pad)

  • Okina

    If an established bookstore like Amazon or Kobo got on board with this, I really would want this.

  • Tom

    Are you kidding me?!?! This is a great gimmick!

  • sully54

    I’ll buy a phone with one if the industry’s best screens so that I can buy a case with an e-ink screen and use that instead.

    Yeah ok.

  • Bob

    both sides of my phone would have a breakable screen?

    I don’t see the point of this. If you look at one side, you can’t look at the other, and the iphone 5 screen is superior in every way other than for e-book reading, in which case the black and white screen might be easier on your eyes over long periods of time. But that then begs the question, if you are trying to go easy on your eyes, why are you going to be reading an e-book on a 4 inch screen…

  • Brian

    As the article states, “it can become the user’s screen for notifications, sports scores, maps, notes, etc.” It’s not a replacement for the main screen, it essentially ascts like the external screen of a flip phone; low energy, quick access. It can be a permanently-on display for weather and notifications which is pretty cool. Would be handy for Navigation, as well, since it would save a lot of battery. And you could also see the screen while using the rear camera for taking self-pictures. None of these things are huge innovations in and of themselves, but overall it’d be useful, especially if they lower the price. Certainly a better idea than that ridiculous camera.