CollabCubed EARonic iPhone 4 Cases Showcase an ‘Eery’ Design


If you want to stand out from the pack with a creative looking iPhone 4 case, consider these eery designs from CollabCubed’s EARonic line. The back covers are actual images of various ears, and when used in public I’m sure it’ll get a reaction from people.

For those that love to be ‘that guy’ proudly showcasing your Bluetooth headset at Walmart, you can now do so vicariously via an iPhone case instead. Here’s one of my favourites–the EARonic Nick:

Here is the rest of their line up below:

Cases cost $20 from CollabCubed. Not bad to experience a different looking iPhone 4 case. Who’s going to get one?


  • JfromK


  • Bluetooth headset + 24/7 = Winning

  • Bluetooth headset + 24/7 = Winning

  • Chris

    This is just a gimmick to get around the hands free laws for drivers 😉

  • Slyrobber

    If you think some cop is going to be fooled by this, fail. I see tons of ppl on their phones every hour of every day and it seems the cops have better things to do. You have to really get unlucky to get caught. It’s not right.