eForCity iPhone 5 Clear Case is 92% Off: $0.87 Shipped from


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Here’s a super deal for iPhone 5 owners looking for a case. has a slim snap-on clear case from eForCity on sale for $0.87 CENTS and it includes free shipping. The regular price is $10.99. The reviews for the case are about average so don’t expect much, but for $0.87 cents shipped this is a ridiculous price. It’s a guarantee at this price, the discount will sell out soon.

Screen Shot 2013 04 09 at 8 33 08 PM

Click here to jump on it before it ends at Let us know if you managed to jump on this deal!

Update: As noted by you guys, shipping isn’t until May, with some shipping in late May.

Update 2: Other deals that are ‘cheap’ include 2 Lightning USB cables for $7.17 shipped and an AC USB charger for $0.84 shipped. Of course, at these prices you do get what you pay for. (Thanks Frank)




  • mackman6151

    Got it! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Bouboule91

    Thanks. Ordered one. 87 cents is a joke :p

  • Farids

    Bought two last week. It arrived last Friday, and the quality is surprisingly good and I mean good. People would think it is a $15-$25 case!!!

  • Nice! Yeah, 87 cents is crazy cheap.

  • These would make great gifts! 🙂

  • cheers 😀