Future Shop iTunes Card Sale: $60 Multipacks Are $5 Off [Update]


If you’re looking for a sale on iTunes Cards, Future Shop’s weekly national flyer is showing $60 multipacks for $5 off. This works out to a discount of 8.3%, which is much lower than the usual 20% off we’ve seen from $5 off $25 deals. Alas, a discount is a discount and these cards can be used to fund any digital purchase from Apple using your iTunes Account.

The sale goes from February 22nd to 28th. Let us know if you’re going to pick some up.

IMG 3477

Thanks @swotam!

Update: If you have a Sobeys in your area, there is currently a better deal with $50 iTunes Cards on sale for $10 off, from Feb. 22 to March 7th (thanks Mike from the comments!).

sobeys itunes card


  • Mike

    Just an FYI – $60 multipacks have an everyday price of $55 at Future Shop and Best Buy. I work closely with Apple to merchandise iTunes cards at many retailers across Canada. If you are looking for a better deal right now, Sobey’s has $50 cards for $10 off running from Feb 21 through March 7th.

  • Mike

    In Sobey’s flyer…

  • Thanks for this Mike! Updated. Feel free to keep us all in the loop for future sales 🙂

  • Anyone know if this is IGA also (quebec’s Sobey)?

  • Not sure, check the flyer I’d suggest.

  • JP

    Awesome Sobeys deal, however just checked in my area and it isn’t listed in the flyer. Will drop by the store just in case. Which Sobeys/area did you see this promo in Mike?