Get $20 Off and Free Shipping Off a Podium iPhone Stand: Cash for Clunkers Stimulus!


When you sit down at your computer, where do you place your iPhone? Beside you on the desk? In your pocket? There are lots of iPhone stands out there but by stand with the highest quality are the ones from Podium by Pivotal.

You’ve read our review of the Podium Pearl and Platinum. These high quality stands are well designed and can rotate freely. They are fairly heavy so you can rest assured it won’t go flying off your desk.

Get $20 Off and Free Shipping If You Recycle Your Existing iPhone Stand

Seems like the guys from Pivotal want to help “stimulate” the economy so they are offering a pretty sweet deal if you have an old stand to recycle. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: If you have one of the following stands below you are eligible for the $20 off coupon.


Step 2: Send in picture of you “recycling” your stand to


Step 3: You’ll soon receive a $20 off coupon code. If you send in a video of you “recycling” your stand on YouTube and you’ll get free shipping too! If my calculations are correct, existing Podiums are selling for $38. With the $20 off coupon you’ll get one for $18–and if you send a video, you’ll get free shipping!


This is a neat little promotional program, but I hope you guys and girls have some hefty boots out there to crush you iPhone stands, because if not I can foresee some injuries coming your way! This promotion ends August 31st, so act quickly if you want your discount!


  • Dusty

    LOL at this idea. I don't have one to even crush πŸ™

  • edge777

    Respectfully, this idea is an embarrassment, and accomplishing quite the opposite of Clash for Clunkers (other than lining their pockets). With cash for clunkers, recycling IS happening! High emission cars are coming off the road, and the materials are being recycled.

    With this ad campiagn, perfectly good stands, rather than being recycled, reused, given away, passed along, or sold, are being destroyed and being put in a landfill. Albeit, I'm guessing your this campaign will have very little success, I am hoping, and will do my best to encourage people to NOT buy this product, now or in the future, for trying to blatantly use something like this.

    Perhaps its just a good natured, fun, ad campaign, but they severely missed the mark on this one.

  • simonseztech

    use “revolution” to get your 20% off πŸ™‚

  • Kokuou

    I'd have to agree. Terrible campaign for the environment.

    As for the blog itself, I'd also agree that it's gone a bit downhill. Admittedly, I've only been a reader for a short time, but when every product gets between a 4.0 and 5.0 out of 5.0, I don't see much point in a five-point rating system.

    Also, the last time that someone gave constructive criticism, it wasn't taken very well. I realize that this is a blog and people can just not read it if they don't like it, but obviously it's making some money and serving as promotions for the products it reviews. With that in mind, the response from the owner was very unprofessional, which kind of turned me off. I was hoping that he would have taken some of the constructive criticism, but sadly nothing has changed.

    This is the only Rogers/Fido iPhone resource I've been able to find, so it's kind of sad to remove it from my bookmarks. Ah well.

  • Happy to see you go!



  • Thanks for your opinion. However, if we can't make changes just because you put in your 2 cents. You can't please everybody. It's really too bad you can't just accept the blog for what it is.

    I'm sorry that you're deleting us from your bookmarks, enjoy your day.

  • edge777

    Haha, there's that crazy business professionalism, lol. I'll stay around. As for change due to every comment, nope, that would be dumb, you have a vision, set it, and go. However, if you're stuck in that path, never willing to evaluate, which includes lustening to your readers, you'll die quickly because things are constantly changing. It's simple business 101.

    PS. Thanks for your much better response Gary πŸ™‚

  • It is crazy, isn't it.

    I'm happy to see people like him go because I could not careless for
    trolls. No one wants to hear trolls.

    We listen to our readers, hence the hundreds of changes that have been
    done since we've been online, but we also can tell the difference
    between people who actually have something wise and constructive to
    say versus people who need to rant just for the sake ranting.

    Every “business” has their normal customers and every “business” has
    their trolls and haters. Ignoring trolls and haters to focus on the
    people, “the customers”, we actually care about seems like good
    “business 101” to me.

  • Where exactly do you get the idea that the stand is heading for a landfill?

    I have two of those stands that are recyclable and did so this morning.

  • skylo

    whats more embarrassing? 1) crushing metal material and putting it in the recycling bin or 2) giving your unwanted opinion to blog posts every chance you can.

    Just stop with your feedback already. Nobody cares what you have to say, and if they did we'd be reading what you have to say in YOUR blog. But since the only thing you have to offer to this site is negativity I advise that you just keep your oppinions to yourself, your ruining this site for the readers that enjoy these post (aka most of us)

    who knew helping people save $20 would bring upon such ignorant responses.

  • edge777

    Okay, but rather than wrecking a perfectly good stand and (1) having it enter a landfill or (2) having it take up more plastic recycling energy – why didn't you just give it away to a friend, sell it, put it up as a prize here on the blog? There are waaay better things to do with these than wrecking them. I stand by the reality that this is a shameless marketing ploy.

  • edge777

    Hmm, I'm sorry that you're not good at receiving constructive criticism. I usually take time to help people a lot (in fact, my whole job is centered around helping people). I invest a ton of time and energy helping people. In regards to online blogs, yes, I do that too (in the forums). Often, the character of a person, is most uncovered in the face of constructive criticism. To me, the idea of giving something away to a friend, or even selling it, is better than throwing it away, or taking up space in the recycling system (let's be honest though, most people won't recycle, they'll chuck it). Or the best option, just use the code below and get it for free without wrecking something that's perfectly good, and keep that competing product in the system, as competition is good. As for my blog, I have one, but it has nothing to do with iPhones, electronics, or technology, and it's really just read by those who know me, and want to follow my work (which is exactly what I designed it for). Thanks for playing though! πŸ™‚

  • Marketing, yes. Of course it is!

    But the amount of actually energy used to recycle these (especially
    when compared to a full size vehicle) is extremely minimal and
    frankly, this entire subject is silly to even discuss.

    But the fact that they are even offering a recycling program is a good

  • Marketing, yes. Of course it is!

    But the amount of actually energy used to recycle these (especially
    when compared to a full size vehicle) is extremely minimal and
    frankly, this entire subject is silly to even discuss.

    But the fact that they are even offering a recycling program is a good

  • Kilbrai, there's a difference between constructive criticism and
    knowing when to just stop talking.

    We hear you. We got it. And we don't need to hear it anymore.

    But you'll likely still respond because you cannot understand this.

  • edge777

    You keep responding as much as I do, lol. On a more serious note, an extremely serious note, remove my name from that post immediately. In regards to your TOS, you state that all information is private. You have used your privileges to publish private information, and I believe you have done it purposefully. Remove it ASAP!!

  • edge777

    Thanks for removing my last name from your response, not sure why you felt the need to publicize that.

    To be honest, I actually posted a honest thought and am surprised at all the responses. Recycling a gas guzling car and taking it off the street is one thing, “recycling” to remove competition is another. Maybe I just don't get it, but either way, I'm done with this post, lol.

    As for entering a contest, I didn't see any rule where you can't offer your opinion, lol. All in all, have a great Monday everyone!

  • “recycling to remove competition is another” is a very negative way of looking at what the company is attempting to do. They are encouraging owners of older and outdated stands to recycle them and for that are rewarding those owners. End of story.

    As for the contest, there is no rule for posting opinions but your comment for it is clearly a contest entry and less of an “opinion”. It is just extremely ironic and hypocritical of you to first troll about the rating system and then go and enter in the contest anyway.

    In any case, I am glad that you have finally come to the understanding that “maybe you just don't get it” because that is the first comment of yours that I can actually agree with you on 110%.

  • Name

    Or! Don't crush your stand, and get a $40 rebate from Mother Earth.

  • Name

    Or! Don't crush your stand, and get a $40 rebate from Mother Earth.