H1 Touch Stand From Luxa2 – Say Goodbye To Removing Your Cases [Video Review]


I’ve tried numerous iPhone stands over the years, and my biggest complaint has always been having to take the case off the phone for it to fit properly. That was until I found the H1 Touch from Luxa2.

Not only does the stand look like something Apple might make, but its design allows it to be used while your phone is still in a case. It’s thanks to the six legs that move in random to create the custom fit no matter what case is on your phone.

What’s also nice is you can turn it around 360 degrees and tilt the viewing angle up and down to better suit your needs.

Luxa2 also makes a couple of different iPad versions, one of which is the H4. Just a bigger version of the H1.

Here’s a quick review and look at how versatile the H1 and H4 can be.

Not only are these stands versatile, they look good along side your Apple devices.

So what do you think? Are you someone that uses a stand for your iOS devices or do you prefer just throwing them on the table, desk or nightstand?

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  • Asdfjklaslfk

    What?  That doesn’t look like something Apple would make!?  It looks like something you’d find in a gynecologist’s office.

  • Guest

    I “liked” the comment — but I also have to say… rofl

  • Kraken

    Horrible aesthetics!  Those huge plastic pegs makes it look cheap and ugly.  I’d never buy it. 

  • Djjessejames

    Ugly. Not Apple like at all.
    Also I too think dr. Goodtouch’s office with all the prods lol. Fail.

  • Dallas Hinton

    You might also look at the PED 3 (and similar) stands from the Thought Out company: (disclaimer – a satisfied customer)

  • I actually like the look of those. How are they for stability? It’s what I like about the Luxa2 stands.

  • I think if you gave it a try you might feel different. I’d rather have the pegs than the aluminum touching the device. I wouldn’t be too happy if the stand scratched my phone or iPad.

  • Lenwe76

    I got the luxa h4 at home and office, and i think it’s one of the best on the market, very stable, the ipad sit well on it even with back cover and smart cover, i recommend it highly you wont be disappointed, the tips of the arms are made of silicone, me i pass the ipad connector in the openinig , and put a cordie behind it so that the cable dosen’t fall!!!!!!!!

  • I liked the functionality of the stand and how it can move to form a snug fit to your device. Surprised it was made by Thermaltake!

  • Ugly!