iPhone 4 Bumper Cases Have Started To Ship for Canada


When I lined up for my iPhone 4 on launch day (along with a few hundred other rabid fans), I also took the time to order my free Bumper case the next day. The process was a breeze through the iPhone 4 Case app.

iPhone 4 Bumper Cases Have Started to Ship to Canada–Has Yours?

I placed my order on July 31st. The estimated ship date was September 7th and the arrival date was September 14th. Looks like I’m going to be getting my black iPhone 4 Bumper less than a month before the original date!

Old order status, as of July 31, 2010:

New order status, as of August 13, 2010, with UPS tracking number:

This Bumper will go extremely well with the iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD. Lately I’ve been very cautious about checking flat surfaces before putting down my iPhone 4. My concern is scratching the camera lens since the iPhone 4 body sits flush against any flat surface.

Can’t wait for my Bumper to arrive! Have you received a ‘shipped’ email yet? When did you order?


  • Niggaracho

    Mine is in transit as we speak!

  • Jonathan

    Mine originally was

    3 Sep
    13 Sep

    But now, as of yesterday;

    Shipment Date:
    12 Aug, 2010
    Delivers by:
    16 Aug, 2010

  • Myrandor

    The Rogers store where I got my iPhone 4 on the release day had as much transparent bumper as they got iPhone 4 (around 19 in total). I was pleased to got a bumper without having to wait more than a month! πŸ™‚

  • ddisoul

    received mine 2 hours ago…but girlfriend is gone with my iphone for the day…was supposed to be shipped september 3 but was shipped august 10…nice piece i may add…black bumper that is …

  • I got the shipment notification yesterday. It was always:
    Order Date:
    31 Jul, 2010
    Shipment Date:
    12 Aug, 2010
    Delivers by:
    16 Aug, 2010

    And my UPS tracking # is working today, too.

  • Toule911

    Ordered on the first day, got my confirmation e-mail 2 days ago. Estimate delivery: august 16. As been shipped with ups yesterday. Now it’s in thransit in montreal.

  • slicecom

    Mine got delivered to my home today but I’m at work til 5. Can anyone tell me if it comes in the retail package or just a plastic bag?

  • ddisoul

    its in retail package…in a big box for absolutaly nothing…and u have to sign for it too when delivered…

  • Mike

    Mine shipped this morning, but the tracking number is invalid :S. Says it’ll be here Tuesday (sadly leaving Monday and going to be out of town until late the next week).

  • iGuy

    I just called Apple and changed my order. Originally I was going to get the Speck Pixelskin HD, but now I’ve switched over to a bumper case.

  • Guest

    I missed mine today πŸ™

  • Brobinson Cc

    Where are they shipping from?
    My tracking # just says it shipped, not where its coming from or and estimated arrival date πŸ™

  • QN52

    Tracking is invalid for the first few hours – it will then change to “billing info received” and then hopefully begin to track it once UPS picks it up

  • wuju

    Hate UPS since that mean I have to be at home for delivery and signage. Prefer USPS since you can then pick it up locally at a Canada post office near you.

  • I ordered mine on launch day at 1:30pm and I haven’t got an email yet.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered the incase snap case on the 31st and the only e-mail I got was the one that said:

    ships September 7 and arrives september 14th.

    Guess it’s only for the bumpers. πŸ™

  • Adrian

    I ordered a iskin solo case since my app case was taking so long

  • Jdmcivic_2004

    my two bumper one ship yesterday and one today. so wont receive till 16 & 17 which its next week. wondering what its look like the package.

  • Dollardprod

    i just receive mine πŸ™‚

  • Dollardprod

    it comes in a box and in a plastic (same than in a retail store i guess)

  • Rubayed

    I have received my black bumper case this afternoon and frankly I had high hopes and it turned out to be even better than what i had hoped it to be, I wasnt aware thr bumper case has power button and volume up and down button, it looks fantastic with the invisible shield at the back and a glossy screen protector, I’m so at peace with my iPhone now. In my opinion its the best way to protect your iPhone 4 without hiding its original look!

  • magimat

    I hot my iPhone on wednesday and ordered my free bumper case in the afternoon. Now I got a shipping confirmation email this morning, says it will be here by august 18th πŸ™‚ Almost no delay in my case!

  • Jim

    Sorry for being off the topic.. My friend told me that if I synchronize my iphone to pc then I wouldn’t be able to dwonload the free applications from apple store. Is this true?

  • Carl

    No, why would that make any sense?

  • Salaman

    Ordered mine on launch and got it today πŸ™‚

  • Haha, I got mine today! πŸ™‚

  • Jpilgrim

    Mine shipped yesterday, but i also have a otterbox defender shipping out on the 17th, so the bumper might not get much use.

  • Harrison

    thanks for the update…

  • nathan

    Now if only they would start shipping the iPhones :/

    Ships: 20 Aug
    Delivers: 27 Aug

    Ordered July 31st.

  • Nick

    Hey everybody,
    quick unrelated question. I’m just posting it here because this is the most recent post and I think people might not notice the older posts that could be more related:

    Has anyone else had a problem with the flash since updating the PDF patch from cydia? I don’t know at which point my flash started screwing up, but when I first got the iphone I could turn it on and it would stay on if I turned it on either with the camera app in video mode (not recording) or the flashlight app from the app store… but now with either of those apps it turns on for just a second and then turns off again. The only way I can make it actually stay on is by recording a video and then turning the flash on after starting the video recording. Maybe it’s this patch that screwed it up, or maybe it’s that I had to get a replacement iPhone so this is my 2nd.. But it seems like a software problem. Anyone? I’m going to restore it when I get home and see if that helps, I’m out of town for the weekend, but all these bugs are really adding up….

  • RelleR

    Mine delivered today 08/13 and my email tells me it should arrive on 08/20 – one week from today I guess!

  • niclet

    Now can they deliver more iPhone 4 in Fido’s stores… please!

  • Getting mine on Monday!

  • Jeff

    Does anybody know when the white bumper will be available on the app? I have been waiting and checking everyday for it, and so far, nothing! None of the colors advertised are on there besides black.

  • Nick

    Anybody? All these bugs are really bugging me, but it’s a great phone… I just want it to work.. So any help you can give me is much appreciated. Anyone else experience this bug?

  • fidoiphone?

    does anyone know when fido or canada in general will get more iphones??

  • Where did it come from?

  • JfromK

    Ordered my bumber on July 30th with the app..

    Original shipment date on the invoice from apple was Sept 13th.

    UPS Delivered it yesturday (but I wasn’t home, and wasn’t expecting it..) Aug 13th..


  • exactly, i had so much trouble with UPS before… was a pain in the ass………it is not an express sevice…. but an extremely slow service……

  • I have a U.S Apple account. I ordered my bumper on the 3rd and it shipped the 13th. I guess Apple is exaggerating the ship times, so people don’t freak out.

  • Shery_ravian

    hello guys my question is i bought my iphone4 frm canada and very next day i am bck to my country pakistan now is it possible to get this bumper in pakistan or if i install this app apple send it to canada ?

  • af-tech

    no apple crearly says Canada only, if you bought the phone in Canada the bumper will only ship to canada and if you buy it in the U.S then it will ship there ONLY. if you have a family here maybe you can ship it to them, it has to be a canadian address. if you don’t have anyone here in canada then you can ship it to me lol :). so ya if you have family/friends here in canada you can ship it to them i guess. good luck!

  • Shery_ravian

    ahan thanx alot and what about unlocked iphone4 stock position are they restocking rendomly or still pin pck shortages

  • Mrmozart

    I have seen many pic over the net show that new apple bumpers affect or scratch Iphone case. I would upload the pics in here if I am allowed.


  • Mrmozart

    Nathan, my order shows the same dates as urs, because i chose standard shipping. Bumpers are shipped faster than Iphones….. so I expect to get urs on 25-28 August….

    Some of my friends got defected screens lol Just hope you get it in one piece πŸ˜›

  • Mrmozart

    U mean shipped or delivered to you?

  • Mrmozart

    Nick, noone can help… u better restore ur software and then check.. If not then returned it back to apple..they will replace….. Update us if it is fixed……

  • Mrmozart

    From my experience in the UK apple stores… usually every 3 weeks the stores will receive new shipments…

  • Varident

    Ordered black bumper on Aug 5. Got email on Aug 12 stating Shipped on Aug 12. Delivery on Aug 16.

  • packman

    i think they might do randomly depending on the day. for the black iphone at least. but the white is not available at all

  • Eren

    I ordered on the 10th and im getting mine tomorrow, and I ordered a gelaskin on the 13th and im getting it tomorrow also, they are both in Concord right now!

  • Ahmed

    IÒ€ℒm getting the phone on the 24th May 2010, next Monday. Those who are interested please name your price immediately!

  • Owais


    Is there any update on the other free cases offered by apple?

    I ordered the Speck PixelSkin HD case on launch date and the confirmation said it will ship around Sept 20th. Has anyone started seeing cases yet other than the apple bumpers?


  • Chris

    Ordered August 3, attempted delivery August 16th, Delivered August 17th.

    Why do they need a signature in person…. Argh…..

  • owais

    @iGuy: Why would you do that? Is it because you wanted a case sooner and they said they will send it to you right away if you change your order to the Apple Bumper? or did you think the Bumper offers better protection? just curious. BTW from all the reviews ive read/seen the PixelSkin HD appears to be the best so far from the ones offered for free by Apple.


  • Got my bumper in the mail today!

  • iGuy

    I’ve read all the reviews too that is why originally I chose the Pixelskin HD. I wouldn’t get my Pixelskin until the end of October (placed the order the 31st of July), so I opted to get a bumper case. I just got it yesterday, actually. I figure I’ll try out the InvisibleShiled/Bump combo, if I don’t like it I can always buy the Pixelskin directly from the manufacturer and get it in no time.

  • owais

    Update: I finally got my Speck PixelSkin HD case in mail today — Brampton, ON. less then 4 weeks is awesome considering i was given an expected shiping date in 8 weeks!

    Good job, Jobs!

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