iPhone 5 Dock PRO from iPhone5Mod [Review]


The iPhone 5 release did not see the launch of an accompanying dock accessory from Apple, which has resulted in customers looking for third party Lightning alternatives. iPhone5Mod sent us one of their iPhone 5 Dock PRO units for review. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The Dock Itself

The iPhone 5 Dock PRO arrived in a regular box. It is available in two configurations for the rear port, either microUSB or Lightning. We received the latter option.

Iphone5mod dock7

Iphone5mod dock3

The dock is made of hard plastic and quite sturdy as there’s a nice grip on the bottom. There is a removable back slot to allow you to dock your iPhone 5 housed in a thin case (1mm or so). Any iPhones in larger cases won’t work with this dock. My iPhone 5 covered in Wrapsol film worked just fine. My Apple Lightning cable inserted into the rear port without any issues.

Iphone5mod dock2

Iphone5mod dock1

Docking my iPhone 5

The sign of a good dock is one where you can easily dock your iPhone with one hand without looking at. I’m talking about docking your iPhone from bed with one hand (everyone does this). Since the iPhone 5 Dock PRO has a nice angled back, it serves as a guide to insert the iPhone. I am able to dock my phone without looking at it, and more importantly there’s enough give to undock my phone one-handed as well.

Iphone5mod dock4

Iphone5mod dock5 Iphone5mod dock6

I’ve been using this dock for a week now and I can safely say my iPhone 5 has not exploded (yet) or experienced any charging issues. I’ll admit I did have reservations about using third party Lightning accessories, but those fears have been alleviated. It works exactly as described, looks great and I’m very happy with it. The only downside is the lack of aesthetic when it comes to the Lightning connector piece itself, but don’t worry because it inserts fine into the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 Dock PRO retails for $24.90 and ships out of Hong Kong. Flat rate shipping is reasonably priced at $6 for registered airmail to BC.

One More Thing…

iPhone5Mod also sent us a retractable Lightning to USB cable ($7.90). It is pictured below and works exactly as described:

Iphone5mod dock8

Iphone5mod dock9

We have a few other iPhone5Mod accessory reviews to come. Stay tuned.



    While this is a starting point, due to the position of the iPhone 5 headphone connection, I feel every dock must come with a connection that will allow you to utilize your headphones. Just my $0.02!

  • Great point.

  • Great review, I ordered one.

  • Nice. Yeah I’m pretty happy with it. Docking in and out is really easy, I was quite surprised at how much I like this dock.

  • I don’t know if this was meant as a multimedia dock, just charging and sinking, but I agree with your point. But then again the old docks use to push audio through the connector and exterior ports, so the headphone jack wouldn’t be and issue.

  • hank

    Dealextream has this same dock. Only cheaper as it is less than $15 and with free shipping 🙂 Way better deal I’d say. Takes 2-3 weeks delivery. Quite standard for items coming from CH.

    They do have other decent looking docks too. Some docks have audio out built-in.

    Oh and check out their lightning cables at less than $5 … free shipping too!

  • I ordered the “Pro” Dock. What a joke. For the first few days it seemed to work on and off with charging. Sometimes i’d wake up and my phone was at 100% and other times It would be at 3% because despite showing a charge sign on the phone screen itself no actual charge got through… then after about 4 days of use i removed my phone from the dock like always and the whole lightning adapter piece ripped out of the dock and was stuck in my phone. I got it out of the phone but there is no way to reattach it so my “pro” dock is now absolutely useless… GARBAGE Product DO NOT BUY!

  • Sorry to hear that. Did you try contacting them? Ours still works, and another reader was happy with his order as well.

  • iphone5mod issues

    MY ORDER: 3 in 1 starter kit $30, iPhone 5 dock pro-micro USB $20
    loved it for 2 weeks, but the following occurred.

    Ordered: 2012/11/11, white and black iPhone dock
    Shipped: 2012/11/29
    Received: 2012/12/15

    Broke: 2013/1/1 – black iPhone dock and micro-USB cable, BOTH.
    Complained: 2013/1/4 and told will get new one.
    Replacement shipped 2013/1/16
    Replacement arrived 2013/1/30, and only DOCK, no cable.

    2013/2/13 – White dock not working correctly, won’t charge phone, displays an error, after I started using, and cable unglued on usb cable. –
    2013/2/18 – opened PayPal complaint and demanded my money back, after second black dock dies
    2013/2/22 – were notified the Second Black dock died, and that I want money returned. They agreed as long as I pay return postage.
    2013/3/2 – They agreed to return all my money as long as I returned the product or will ship me more defective products, instead of the money, if I choose not to return the products.
    2013/3/9 – open dispute with VISA and they solve the issue, a few weeks later, by returning ALL my money.
    2013/3/10 – I talked to merchant, and agree to return all the product, but need a Return Authorization, and they say sorry, you are SCREWED you took too long to return the items.

    PayPal does NOTHING since my dispute was opened more than 45 days from purchase. It was actually 70 days, which does NOT seem like a long time, considering, that any transaction takes 1-2 week through email, and that they were on Chinese New Year for 2 weeks, in the middle of the problem.

    The merchant agrees to the return and refund, then does nothing, when I agree actually agree to pay return shipping.

    30 day return policy – from the DAY it SHIPS. It takes 2 weeks to arrive, so make sure you test the product quickly.

    Chinese new year in middle of problem/resolution for 2 weeks.

    Results: 2 broken iPhone 5 “dock pro” with Micro-USB. Also non-working micro-USB cable. Also lighting cable cover fell off after light usage. Also iPhone 5 “classic dock” refuses to charge the phone, and says “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. Which I think is caused, by the contacts not being solid enough, and breaking contact, so the iPhone disables the ability to charge with the device.

    On a good note: I ended up with a still working iPhone 4 adaptor to iPhone 5 after spending $76 for 2 docks, and shipping. But I expect this will fall apart, or stop working soon.


    I have all emails, and transactions with the Company, and are advising others NOT to deal with this company.
    They seem legitimate, and quickly solve problems, but it appears, this is only to extend the time, until the warranty, and PayPal dispute time expires.

    So they send you JUNK, and if you happen to find that it is JUNK quickly, they send you more JUNK, so you think, they have great service. But, I think this is only a ploy to screw you out of your money until normal dispute channels are exceeded.

    Luckily my PayPal is linked to VISA, and they took care of me.
    Thank you VISA, for taking care of everything. VISA tried to resolve with PayPal, who did NOTHING since the time limit of 45 days was exceeded, and forget about trying to get a hold of the merchant. Email is the only thing that works, the phone number just rings.