iPhone Accessory Giveaway: InvisibleSHIELD For iPhone 4/4S

For those of you currently using, or looking to purchase, an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, then how about you get a free full body protection film for it?

We’re going to do a quick 24-hour giveaway of the InvisibleSHIELD from ZAGG!

The Giveaway!

I have six InvisibleSHIELD full body protection films to giveaway to iPhoneinCanada.ca readers!

The InvisibleSHIELD from ZAGG provides one of the best forms of protection for an iPhone without using a case. It’s great for scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints, and goes on clear.

To win, simply post a comment below on the following:

1.) There are many screen/full body protectors out there. Why would you choose the InvisibleSHIELD over another product?

Winner chosen at random; Contest ends May 20, 2012 at 12:30AM PDT.

Contest Rules

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

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  • IphoneGuy

    Other immitation products I have tried but they don’t provide protect for the entire phone just the back and front. And I found they easily cause scratches on the shield.. When I tried the invisible shield for my iPhone 4 before I upgraded. It didn’t discolor yet still provides scratch proof protection


  • DJ

    I used the invisible shield on my iPhone 3G and loved it . I just upgraded to an iPhone 4s and was going to order one, but free is, better.

    Twitter @DJMcMillan

  • Ttn9

    No scratches, no bubbles, full protection, and best of all, easy application. What more could I ask for?


  • D Kodeeswaran

    I love this, because of its full protection from everything. I want to get one 🙂

  • Kodeeswaran

    I love this, because of its full protection from everything. I want to get one 🙂
    Forget to mention my ID – duraikodeeswaran@yahoo.com

  • Tito71

    Great product, been awhile in the business so for me it’s a good sign, good at what it does, go ZAGG

  • nk

    The invisibleShield is THE best iPhone protector period. It defines protection for that device. That’s why my 4s is screaming for.


  • Wynncy12

    It is true that there are so many screen protectors out there. But there can be nothing compared to the Invisible Shield when it comes to durabilty. It also gives Iphone owners the maximum protection they need.

  • hinhin

    it sounds better than ghost armor, who want ghost to protect their beloved iPhone? 

  • Cashcountry

    The InvisibleSHIELD is so stealthy, it makes all other phone protectors visible!

  • It does what the others can’t do! darren.zygadlo@yahoo.ca

  • Nick Woodman

    I have always been a fan of InvisibleSHIELD. It’s thin and sleek while giving your phone great protection. I also love the texture of the material. So much better than a naked phone.

  • Wto Kma

    The InvisibleSHIELD: a gadget’s best friend. It’s a friend that provides exceptional support for your device, from a brand you can trust. The InvisibleSHIELD will stick up for your device, protecting it from dust, dirt, and debris. It’s a one of a kind friend that is impervious to scratches and damage, and will stick with your device until the very end with its lifetime replacement guarantee. There’s no one else like it. When your device meets InvisibleSHIELD, a true lifelong friendship begins. Give your gadget a best friend. – wto.kma@gmail.com

  • Dieselboy28

    I had a iPad invisible shield which was great. I would love to have one for my 4s as I’m finding the screen has been getting micro scratches recently.

  • Colinjanssen3

    I have tried other screen protectors since buying my iPhone 4 and all have ended up peeling off rather easily, if not almost immediately. I have friends and family who have bought iPhone 4’s and but the invisibleshield on and have never looked back, while I have replaced 3 protectors in the same timeframe.

    I am thoroughly convinced the invisibleshield is the way to go for the protection of my iPhone


  • PizzaBoy

    the InvisibleShield has great reviews and as it happens my 4S is still unprotected…yes please 🙂 

  • Nick Abate

    Purchased the new InvisbleSHIELD HD for the Iphone 4S when launch a few weeks ago. Now i’ve realized I’ve got to upgrade to the Full Body protection….. this product is just amazing – It out does everything else I’ve attempted to use.  People see my screen protector and are impressed how clear and smooth it appears and doesn’t compromise the retina display.   Wow love to upgrade to a InvisbleSHIELD full body protection.

  • Kabir Parikh

    I love Zaag products , I own a few of their accessories & am very satisfied with their quality & durability. Currently use a case for my 4s, would be nice to have the InvisibleSHIELD around my 4s.

    Plsssssss PULL MY NAME FROM THE HAT ????
    BTW , thx for keeping us all posted with the latest techie goodies!

  • Mikeyc

    Zagg is THE name in clear film protection. I’d definitely go with their invisible shield based on their reputation.

  • ranphon

    Well, my answer is quite simple. The reason why I chose this  because this one is giving out away for free. I don’t use any protecting accessories for my 4s now. Therefore, I’d like to try it.

  • Kevin Lee

    InvisibleSHIELD has a lifetime warranty, that’s when you know their products are good. lee.kevin@live.ca

  • Grwallace
  • D247

    Invisible shield is the only one that offers lifetime guarantee. Doesn’t mess with the natural Look of you device and takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Only protectors I use on all of my devices. Also the only device I don’t have one on is my 4s .

  • sflan

    I have used Zagg in the past and highly recommend it. Once you take the time to do the installation properly you really barely know its there. Plus no matter how careful I am the others always seem to get air bubbles as I’ve has none using Zagg products. I’d love a Zagg full body to use on my wife’s iPhone as we just got it and haven’t put anything on it yet.

  • Braiden

    All my friends have it and love it, as well zagg Is known for their quality and once the skin is on it really is invisible braiden1995@hotmail.com

  • Carolynn

    It creates invisible and dremmel proof protection.  

  • miogus

    Best product I have ever used for phone protection. Already have it for my wife’s phone. Would be great to have it for mine as well!!

  • Techotix

    I would choose the InvisibleSHIELD over some other cheaper brands because it comes with everything you need to install it.  Other similar brands don’t include the rubber squeegee, soap mixture, etc. to cut down on costs.

  • Medeirossm

    This shield is amazing.

  • prybar

    There are many screen protectors out there, but none offer the protection that Invisible Shield.


  • Irv

    The quality of the invisible shield is why I would pick it over generic screen protectors. No smudges and it keeps the screen clear. It’s the best in the market now, hands down.

  • Love InvisibleShield products!! Use them on almost all my electronics!

  • Mdoering

    I will always only use invisable shield! It’s wayyyy longer lasting, more durable protection & better touch screen texture than anything out there!! Love ur product & thx!

  • Raychowzero

    Because zagg has good advertising. The videos of how much stress the invisibleshield can handle, is astounding. What particularly stands out in my mind is the demonstration of the pen tip vs invisibleshield. We all know who won!

  • InvisibleSHIELD please 🙂

  • Bprime85

    I’d like an Invisible Shield because quite simply, the protection can’t be beat.

  • Hugh

    Best proctection. simple as that.


  • Adamo

    It saved the screen of my old iPhone from a gravel road. Amazing.

  • NGPixel

    InvisibleSHIELD has always protected my iphone perfectly. Best protection.

  • Networx

    I need an Invisible Shield for my wife’s new iPhone.  ’nuff said.  sean.vedell@gmail.com

  • Juan Manigualt

    Invisible shield is great.  Having the full body version would be wonderful.  jam200@ameritech.net

  • Yamadorishitate

    Because it’s the best! What more reason do you need?

  • Chris Bayliss

    I live Zagg products!

  • Bluevektor

    I love invisibleshield products. I have one for my MacBook and used to have one for my iPhone 3GS but haven’t gotten one for my 4S yet. I’d love to win one here!

  • Hyunyup

    The InvisibleSHIELD: a gadget’s best friend. It’s a friend that provides
    exceptional support for your device, from a brand you can trust. The
    InvisibleSHIELD will stick up for your device, protecting it from dust,
    dirt, and debris. It’s a one of a kind friend that is impervious to
    scratches and damage, and will stick with your device until the very end
    with its lifetime replacement guarantee. There’s no one else like it.
    When your device meets InvisibleSHIELD, a true lifelong friendship
    begins. Give your gadget a best friend. – hyunyup@hotmail.com

  • Adriano Mancino

    Because I always read this blog! And you say good things about ZAGG products!

  • Hobomac

    I have used Invisable SHIELD before on my old iPhones and never failed me. Easy to install and cannot notice them


  • iFreakingWant1

    Because my iPhone deserves the best! And invisiSHIELD is the best! Is there any other?

  • Tmosher

    Zagg has done it again. Invisibleshield provides exceptional protection for your iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s, without losing any of the natural beauty of the phone. Get yours today.

  • Kishiro

    I have bought Zagg products before and found there level of quality far exceeds all others!


  • Kevin

    I would choose InvisibleSHIELD over other cases because it offers great protection without altering the look of my iPhone.

  • Nathan

    From what I’ve read, the InvisibleSHIELD offers more protection from scratches and smudges than other similar products. Having only used Power Support protective films so far (which now shows many scratch marks), I’m curious to see how the InvisibleSHIELD compares to it.

  • Matt

    I would choose invisibleshield over everything else because it will fully protect my phone and I can keep the slim look of my 4S. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • j4m3z

     I’ve used many similar products but the InvisibleSHIELD wins my vote for the overall protection, durability  and high quality material used.

  • K3

    1.) There are many screen/full body protectors out there. Why would you choose the InvisibleSHIELD over another product?—The level of scratch protection of any gadget investment in unsurpassed with ZAGG. Recently found out personally what can happen if a device is left unprotected – swapping out a 3gs housing is not fun or easy! If you want the original provider of this type of product with the best warranty of this level protection InvisibleSHIELD is the only one to use. —

  • Tshan

    Invisible-shield is a high quality, scratch resistant film that protects one of our everyday necessities.


  • JLew

    Because you’re giving it away for free!

  • Jimfrid

    Full body protection

  • Marc Wensauer

    InvisibleSHIELD let’s you enjoy the beautiful design of the naked iPhone without hiding it in a case.

  • Alveenmomin

    InvisibleSHIELD is the best

  • Brenn

    InvisibleSHIELD is the most popular one of all.

  • Jaykemp82

    I have the Zaggfolio for my iPad and I love the product. Would like to have the invisibleshield to protect my iPhone. Jaykemp82@hotmail.com

  • Scuzzy

    The InvisibleShield is truly the best for protection! Plus it’s nice and grippy 🙂

  • Mark

    It adds no ugly bulk and protects against damn near anything short of a stick of TNT !


    Asking why? one would choose ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD to serve as your first line of defense between your iPhone 4/4S from countless everyday perils such as nasty smudges/ disappointing scratches/ & blinding fingerprints – is like asking you to choose a between a yellow t-shirt or one of those E.T. hazmat suits during your vacation in Fukushima this summer.

    It’s a no-brainer.

  • I hate fingerprints.

  • Ashrey

    i want it pls, ashrey_beecham@yahoo.com

  • Ashrey

    i want it pls, ashrey_beecham@yahoo.com

  • Rob

    The InvisibleShield is the perfect choice for someone who wants a high quality screen protector. The big plus is the easy installation, the kit includes everything you’ll need to apply the protector and smooth out those pesky bubbles. The lifetime warranty is also a huge bonus and separates InvisibleShield from the competition. Thanks for the giveaway – defiantone at gmail.com

  • Dan Bissetsmith

    A tough scratch resistant coating. I like that!

  • Bcairnie

    InvisibleShield is truly invisible. I’ve seen it on a friend’s iPhone and am really impdressed!

  • Patrick

    InvisibleShield is proven as the leading brand for all multimedia devices to be the invisible shield to protect our devices. Stands above the rest in all aspects, from fingerprints, to clarity! Wouldn’t choose any other brand!

  • Dan

    Because of Zagg’s Reputation -the_great_fabio@hotmail.com

  • Dan


  • Andy

    Love to use the slick iPhone without any case to show off it’s design…  hate to hold onto a cheap plastic case, while I can hold onto metal and glass… InvisibleSHIELD helps protect it from accidential drop so it still looks as good as the day I opened the box…

  • Black_angel09

    Bare it’s beauty and slickness under full protection! just the way it was meant to be… that’s an expression I’d be able to use with the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone 4.


  • ticky13

    It’s been so good protecting my iPhone, I need a replacement shield.

  • Gurmeet

    Shield your iPhone

  • Ken_chen

    try it

  • Chevroletmb

    Invisableshield kept my 3G looking like new for years. Need the same for my 4s

  • 23kenn

    Because it offers full body protection 

  • Dmbpjfan

    Reputation of the company and product alone is why I would purchase this over another. Also it still keeps my iphone naked

  • Chris

    I have one on my iPhone 4, it works great. When I got a scatch on it they mailed me a new one only charging me the shipping. I would love one for my 4S

  • sam

    excellent product sat786@hotmail.com

  • CJ

    Zagg is good. Free is better!

  • havefun

    The ability of Invisible shield is proved by many users out there. 

  • Ivy

    I choose the InvisibleSHIELD over other alternatives because it offers superior protection while keeping my phone looking as sleek as possible. 

  • Rmalouin

    My first sheild was InvisibleShield. It is the best and looks good

  • Dcpawlak


  • Ex

    – IphoneGuy
    – Ttn9
    – ranphon
    – Networx
    – Andy
    – Black_angel09

    Check your email shortly!

  • Trevor

    No Heavy case would be great

  • Edyservices

    Let my iPhone be naked again with invisibleSHIELD

  • Rhodz

    Great protection!

  • WilkinsNannie75

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  • MacMicky

    It’s the quality that counts. I trust Zagg for protection on my iPhones.

  • TekKnow

    Did I win?