Share: May iPhone 4 Accessory Giveaway!


It’s that time again! For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be easy to win
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today, I have TWO silicone full-body iPhone 4 cases to give away to readers! We have the following colors available:

  • Smokey White x 1
  • Charcoal Black x 1

Both cases are made from a soft silicone and provide full-body protection for the iPhone 4!

How to Win

To win, simply comment below on the following:

1.) Which color do you want?

2.) Why do you not already have a case for your iPhone 4?!

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends May 5, 2011 at 12:00PM PDT.

Contest Rules

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Black one! No case, but a Bumper! You can’t say it’s a case… 😉

  • Irving Ho

    Black. No case cause I haven’t found one cool enough yet.

  • Eric M

    White! I only have the bumper and I don’t like it!

  • Eric M

    White! I only have the bumper and I don’t like it!

  • DavidH

    It’s my birthday today (yep, I’m turning 38 today) so I hope I’m going to get lucky on that one!
    1) I’d like to win the •Charcoal Black silicone full-body iPhone 4 case
    2) I just have a bumper 1st generation which is falling apart as I had to take my iPhone 4 in and out of it in order to be able to plug the VGA cable, thus I need a new case badly!

    May the 4th be with me….

  • Dgcustoms37

    1) I would like a white case
    2) I technically own a case but it’s a bulky otter box it’s awesome and keeps my phone protected at work but it takes away from the nice design of the phone. I would use it as a weekend case

  • Tayyab

    White! I have a black one and it’s not as cool

  • Connymcriner

    White!! I don’t have a case because I haven’t had time to buy one yet =)

  • Anonymous

    Black looks best. No case yet because with any case I’ve looked up, I’ve almost always heard about heating problems although I do want one for the protection that the case provides.

  • Andre2420


    My case isn’t near as cool as a free one;)

  • Sky

    1)I would like a white case!
    2)I have one but it’s broken and I feel very unprotected….=(

    thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like the white one!
    I have a bumper but it breaks on me all the time.

  • Steve Lam

    1) black please!
    2) i have a pet rabbit that destroyed my carbon case

  • Reginald

    1. I would like the black case
    2. I don’t have a case cause I’m a college student and all my money (which is not alot) goes straight to the bill (Bell).

    thank you.

  • White 🙂 And I dont have a case..,, cuz I’m pretty stupid! Dropped mine last week and shattered the back faceplate. So looking for one right now.

  • SpORe

    1. I would like the back one
    2. I already have a case, but I like to change it up now and then!

  • SpORe

    1. I would like the back one
    2. I already have a case, but I like to change it up now and then!

  • Mohammad Qaiser

    1. i would like the black one.
    2. broke a Speck case last week when I was tryin to take the phone out of the case…would like to have a softer case…


    Black please.
    I have an Apple bumper case and love it but I’m up for trying something new.

  • cindylee

    I would like the white case and I just ordered my new iphone 4 today so hopefully if I win the case I will receive it about the same time I recieve the iphone 4 I ordered today, Thanks

  • Aaron

    1. I would like the black case
    2. My InCase case recently got caught on my pocket and the corner broke off!

  • iPhone 3GS user

    1. I would like the black case.

    2. The answer to the second questions is very straightforward and logical. I don’t have a case since I don’t have an iPhone 4 yet!!! Either I will get one in the future or will definitely pray that this case will be compatible with the new iPhone4-S or iPhone5 whichever makes it to the market!!!

  • Gavin

    Would love to get my hands on the black case. I don’t currently have a case as I just got this iPhone 4 and sold the frustrating Blackberry Torch. Need case now!

  • ruff

    Black! Cuz the bottom part of my bumper ripped 🙁

  • Goooglecydia

    White. I don’t have an iPhone 4 yet. I will definitely need it in the near future.

  • MH
  • Jdutch101

    I’d like the black one, and I don’t have a case because I’m having trouble finding something that fits my style and my “protective” needs lol. I bought an Apple bumper and was thoroughly disappointed…. a BIG waste of money…

  • James Lo

    Black. Just bought my white iPhone 4. Spent all my money buying the phone; have to wait for my next paycheque to purchase a case.

  • Guramrit

    1. Black
    2. I dont have a cover on my iphone because i knew iphoneincanada was going to give away these good looking covers!!!

  • Coreascott

    1) Black
    2) I just bought iphone4 last week! So no case yet.

  • dudeman

    1. Black
    2. I got my phone after the free case program ended and have yet to find one that I liked.

  • wahgee

    Black case

  • 1. black please
    2. don’t have one yet because its better without protection … but thats far too clangorous.

  • JSwag

    1. Black
    2. I don’t have one to match my swag!

  • 1) Black
    2) I do, it’s hard plastic and it’s cracked and requires replacing.

  • Yayah

    1) Black
    2) Been too lazy!

  • Drefacey

    1. White

    2. My case is too bulky, and i wouldn’t mind a slimmer better looking one.

  • Anonymous

    I would like either color. Black preferably. I’m a tradesman and I do have a case but it’s all beat up and I think. It’s time to get a new case. It’s such a nice phone and a nice case would be fitting.

  • Andy N


    Right now I only have a crappy apple bumper. Would love to change it up!

  • 7ak13

    White. I can’t afford the new white iPhone so I’ll have to make do with a white case!

  • Anthony

    White please. I have a black but variety is the spice of life!

  • Guybrown

    FREE ! Some actually has something for nothing! Wow. I’ll take the white one —-please. Thanks

  • Guybrown

    FREE ! Some actually has something for nothing! Wow. I’ll take the white one —-please. Thanks

  • Sleepypanda86

    1. white please
    2. why buy one when i can get it for free!

  • Kdjanz

    I would like either colour – black first choice though. I have a vinyl type case already, but would like something a bit more grippy and I think the silicone would fit the bill. Thanks

  • Tz616379

    First off, I’d prefer black.
    Second, I just simply haven’t gotten around to buying one.

  • JonDuke


    I can’t order online cause I have no credit card and the ones in stores are way too expensive… I really need one tho cause scratch started to appear on my phone :,(

  • Jsnides

    Smokey White.

    Looking to switch things up in my life. Time to cover up this bad boy!

  • Tkots9

    The white one! 🙂

    and i haven’t gotten one yet because i just think my iphone is so much sexier without a case but its starting to get al ittle scratched up.. :/

  • NextMemory

    1.) Smokey White
    2.) I just bought my iPhone 4 a few days ago

  • speckledmind

    Smokey White,
    Been waiting for the right silicone case

  • AppleJF

    Definitely the black one. I don’t have a case yet because I like to see as much of my phone as possible, but these cases show off that sexy apple logo so it’d be perfect!

  • Allen T

    It has to be the Charcoal Black that i want! I dont have a case, because my iphone itself looks amazing other than the case, but a 2-3 days ago, it starts to scratch up since i lost the pouch

  • Sona9999

    1) I’d love to get the black case!
    2) I dont have one cause I never found one that would show the cool silver apple and still protect my phone! SO THIS ONE’S IT!

  • Benched

    1) Smokey White

    2) my old case was really cheap and it broke so i need a new one!

  • Edwin Kwok

    i’d like the Smokey White colour. Why I want one? because my current case is starting to fall apart.

  • Blentron

    I need the White Iphone cover as I purchased a new White iphone 4 when they became available, and now cannot afford a way to protect it!

  • Bluevektor

    I’d love the black one! I don’t have a case yet because I love the naked beauty of the iPhone 4.

  • Iamslowlygoingcrazy

    I would really like the white one,

    I had a case till my hubby tried to take it off to fix my shield that shifted. When he tried it broke 🙁 so I really need a new one!!!!

  • Dan L

    I like the black one.

    My old Otter Box Case has taken a beating and I no longer need that kind of protection for my iphone any more. A nice Silicon case would be awesome.

  • Fritz

    I would like a white case, please. My dog ate my other case 🙁

  • Matt

    I would like the white one. My iPhone was too nice to put in a case but I’m starting to get afraid that I might scratch my iPhone.

  • Carms58

    1) I would love the black one.

    2.) Because I JUST unpacked it today and this is my first stop! 😉

  • J Warwani

    I’d love the charcoal black case.
    And my bumper case has gotten scraaatched on the sides =( It’s so sad.

  • Charcoal for me please!
    My Apple bumper has seen better days and needs to be replace. The rubber parts are falling apart…

  • Joshua Pun

    I would like the black one. Just got a new iPhone 4 and looking for a case. This will be perfect

  • Melrose

    I would like the black case. I don’t have an iphone case because I’ve been a cheapskate and have been ordering screen protectors from China that stay on for about a week and then fall off. Those suckers take a month to deliver!!! My iphone is getting a little scuffed on the body now and I want to protect it. Cheerio. Nice site.

  • I would like the smokey white one if I win. I had a similar case for my iPhone 3GS and it was one of my favorites.

  • tyler

    I would like the black case… and i don’t have any other cases cause all of them keep breaking. hahaha

  • tyler

    I would like the black case… and i don’t have any other cases cause all of them keep breaking. hahaha

  • Hardware2

    1. I’ll take the Black
    2. Don’t really like the bulk cases add, but I take one if it’s free 🙂

  • Kwk1

    Black is where it’s at.
    Just got the phone, no case yet!

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  • Hmarleau18

    I would love the black one!!
    To protect my baby 😉
    Please the one I have is breaking down

  • Jhb

    Black please, my existing one is wearing out

  • Blackshot

    The free case I got from apple just cracked few days ago! I didn’t have time to look for a new one, and this giveaway is a lucky coincidence. I would like the Charcoal Black case. It will be consistent with my black iphone 4 and it will make it look cooler!

  • Cheng Wu

    White, I am waiting for my white iPhone 4

  • Sandie


    I would like charcoal black. I don’t have because I just bought the iPhone 4 and I’m not familiar with all the cases out there.


  • Black, and it’s funny, as my case just tore last night as I was taking it out of my jeans.

  • Lynne1

    I would like the white case, because I could tell it apart from my husband’s black one. Just changing phones now and getting the iphone.

  • Zephyr

    I would exponentially enjoy the black case. Simply put, I don’t already have a case for my iPhone 4 because I wanted to test Apple’s claim that it’s front and back surfaces were tougher than glass. Sadly, I found that not to be the case (an unfortunate incident involving a dog, the phone in my pocket and me standing in the way of some treats). Now that it’s repaired, I need to prevent it from happening.

  • Catherine

    I want the black cover please.

    I already have a cover but a new one would be great!

  • Ex


    – DavidH (Black)
    – Cindylee (White)

  • DavidH

    Woo Hoo! Thank you so much! I rarely win something, perfect timing for a birthday gift! 😉

  • Jeff Rogozinski

    1. White
    2. I am a cheap bastard. My $4 case broke and I have yet to replace it.

  • Jeff

    Damn it, I missed this contest. I fail.

  • Voquangthanh

    Refer black
    I’m using ZADD for iphone

  • cindylee

    Thanks So Much ,,I received your email and replied

  • Fryreyesonly

    It’s too late maybe next time but I have the 3G and in white

  • Fryreyesonly

    Please let others know these cases are a 1.00 At the dollar stores come on guys girls have a look at surplus stores

  • Fryreyesonly

    Hey just wondering what are people doing with their old iphones or cell phones when they get new iPhones