Jawbone Announces the Second Generation UP Wristband for $129


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Jawbone has announced the re-release their UP wristband after the initial band was cut short on its release due to defects and other problems. Today, the company has introduced UP as an all day and night wearable product, available in eight colours:

“UP marks our commitment to solving everyday problems for real people,” said Hosain Rahman, Jawbone CEO and Founder. “We’ve combined hardware, software and data, developed 28 new manufacturing processes, and created unparalleled testing standards validated by nearly three million hours of real-world testing. The resulting breakthroughs have allowed us to create the category’s first truly day-and-night wearable product – a band that looks great and fits effortlessly into the way you live, along with an app that delivers detailed data with meaningful insights to help you achieve your goals.”

Last year, the original Jawbone UP was available from Apple Canada for $99, but eventually pulled and the company issued a refund for existing customers. The new version of UP announced today retails for $129.99 USD and has free shipping to the U.S. No word on when it will come to Canada (we’ve contacted Jawbone), but we’ll keep you updated if you’re into these wearable products.

Below is a video on the making of the UP: 

Are you going to buy one of these? Did you buy the original UP?


  • Sly

    Bought the original Up. After my final refund, I swore never to do business with this company again.

  • What issues did you have with the UP?

    Gary Ng

  • maniac

    Bought the original also, worked great for 3 months then died. 100% money back refund, no questions asked. Will definitely get the new UP!

  • I initially wanted the UP. I liked the idea of the sleep tracking and the vibrating alarm. With all the bad reviews I ended up getting the Nike Fuelband which I love.

  • Rio

    I was seriously considering the Fuelband but this has made my decision even harder.

    Do I want sleep tracking or do I want a LED & bluetooth for instant feedback.

  • Prailor

    im interested, sounds like it has great potential, i really like the sleep features. if it does lean when to wake you up after some time on its own with out notification at that instant from a phone then i see no need for wireless sync
    though the first gen one, does have some bad reviews, like 5/10
    i think i ll have to wait for this one to be on the market for a bit first and see what other ppl are saying.

  • fran

    you have to admit that as a company they definitely are more truth worthy after they complete refunded every customer AND let them keep their wrists to keep collecting data.

  • +1

    Gary Ng

  • Anthony ?

    I had the original which died after about a month. I got a full refund and a replacement band but I never used it again. Not sure about the new Up, will have to see how things look after it’s been out for a few months. They did the right thing by giving everyone refunds, but that doesn’t change the fact that they shipped a crap product the first time around. History can always repeat itself.

    It’s also $30 more than the original, and there’s more competition as well.

  • OliChabot

    I think I’m going to have one just in time for Christmas. This looks like a great product with potential, just think that 130$ is a bit pricey. I’ll wait for complete reviews to take a clear decision about it !

  • I just ordered the new Jawbone Up. I had my eye on the original Up from last year, but it was pulled off the market before I could buy it. Lately I had been looking at Fitbit’s One, though I’m glad the Up v2.0 came out cause it seems like a better product. We’ll see.

  • You ship it to the US?

    Gary Ng

  • Switch15foot

    just picked up in Ontario, Canada at the Apple Store in Square One, had black and mint colour to chose from

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Trebla

    Tried to buy one in Apple Store online and get this message “Sorry, no results matched your search terms in Apple Products”