Jawbone CEO Details ‘No Questions Asked’ Refund Policy for Jawbone UP


The Jawbone UP was one of the most documented and hyped iOS accessories we’ve seen so far. Reviews for the Jawbone have been mixed, and at a cost of $99USD, there’s a lot on the line. Stories of hardware failure, breakage, and endless problems have been documented in the Jawbone forums.

The device has captured more than 3 billion steps, 300 years of sleep and hundreds of thousands of meals in a mere four weeks, according to a recent update by their CEO, Hosain Rahman.

In his personal letter to customers he announced a no-questions-asked refund policy. You don’t even have to return your UP if you’re upset with it to qualify for the refund.

The UP No Questions Asked Guarantee

This means that for whatever reason, or no reason at all, you can receive a full refund for UP. This is true even if you decide to keep your UP band. We are so committed to this product that we’re offering you the option of using it for free.

The program starts December 9th and full details can be found at

So there you have it. If you’re not happy with your Jawbone UP, you have until the end of December 2012 to claim your refund. Kudos to Jawbone for this kind offer to customers, but it’s too bad the initial product has been flawed from the start.

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  • Does this mean we could still buy one before the end of the year and get the refund?

  • Ariel

    I bought one a month ago at the Apple Store in Eaton Centre Toronto. After two weeks it simply stopped working, I ordered a replacement and got it last week. Everything has been fine since then, but I can’t trust the product anymore. I wonder if we would be able to receive the refund living in Canada. Usually Jawbone do that on USA but I’m not so sure about Canada

  • Quikslvr_skat


  • Jason

    Hi Ariel.

    In the FAQ page, it states the refund is available outside the U.S.

    Us Canucks are entitled to $115.44 CAD:

    How much will my refund be?
    Your refund will be issued in the currency of the region where your UP band was originally purchased. Refund amounts are as follows:US – $109.43 USDCA – $115.44 CADUK – £90.00 GBPEU – €120 Euros

  • They’ve halted production and, as far as I know, pulled the bracelets off the shelves.

  • Damn, hope they bring it back eventually when they figure everything out.