Jawbone UP Hits the Canadian Online Apple Store

The much-anticipated Jawbone UPis now available online at Apple.ca (and Apple.com). This wristband was originally promised by @Jawbone to hit Apple Stores in Canada on November 6th, but only a few stores nationwide received stock. The wristband is $99.95 CDN with free shipping, and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The only colour available on Apple.ca is black.

As much as the Jawbone UP is an innovative wristband, I still am skeptical of how effective it can be. The last time I tested out a wristband to measure my sleep cycle was in my review of the WakeMake, which was interesting but short-lived. For those looking to test out the Jawbone UP, check it out here.

If you’ve purchased an UP, please let us know how it’s working for you!

Thanks dbo789 for the heads up!

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  • Anonymous

    I’m very tempted to get an Up. I also have a Wakemate and wasn’t very impressed with the experience. But then, the Wakemate only did sleep tracking whereas the Up offers a more thorough feature set so I suspect it will be a much better accessory.

  • Vic

     Dont bother, its like Steve would say “shit”. I had this for a week and return it. Idea is good but quality not there yet.

  • Anonymous

    FYI, for those who might be wondering, based on this post from a Jawbone employee on their forums, the only color currently sold in stores is Black. Presumably other colors will be available in the future.


  • Anonymous

    What didn’t you like about it? Was it the physical product quality or the software? Most of the reviews I’ve seen are generally positive, however most of the Wakemate reviews I saw when they first started shipping we positive as well.

    Just curious what put it on your shit list?

  • Anonymous

    Me too I would really like to know what was the problem. It looks nice with the reviews I read about it.

    Thank you.

  • sp

    yes please…can you give us a review on it?
    I was going to head to apple to pick one up tonight. They have it at Apple Store Fairview….only in small and large though.

    please someone a review???

  • Anonymous

    Bought mine today, via apple store app aka i’m too lazy to walk to the store to buy my up bracelet

  • Anonymous

    can you elaborate on this “shit” you speak of

  • TheTekKnowGuy

    “I had this for a week” – How did you have it for a week when it came out today?

  • Miso Honey

    Just ordered one on my iPhone 4S through the Apple Store App. So easy!!!
    Now, waiting for the shipment.

  • Vicseadog

    Best Buy in US had that a week ago, and only black. The bracelet does not really do much on its own, you have to change day/night modes manually and take a picture of you food. Good concept, not quite completed.

  • Vicseadog

    Well, its nothing else than rubber band, I don’t think it will last trough multiple gym visits, jack connector cap was loose after just three days. It records you steps while in day mode, then you must switch it to a night mode before you go to bed. Go get it, will test it your self. In my opinion it is still “shit” but it may improve with time.

  • Vicseadog

    Software is very basic, not like advertised. Dont get me wrong, I like Jawbone products, but this is simply not finished product.

  • Vicseadog

    I say, the best way to review it is to go and spent 99 bucks, you can always return it in 14 days. You can program it ti wake you up or to tell you when to to for walk, then you must set you goals to walk 5000 steps every day. Why I bought it for was, I inermitently have sleeping problem, thus the idea of UP. Bracelet did not agreed with my suit shirt in the office, its too thick, i did not appelaed to me like piece of jewerly at all ( Im not sure it is designe for that reason) Best Buy had only black L size so it fited me ok. Software is very basic, maybe with time they will improve it.

  • Anonymous

    FitBit FTMFW. <3 mine.