Linquet Mini Bluetooth 4.0 Trackers: “Never Lose Anything Again”


The Linquet Mini aims to help you “never lose anything again” with its small Bluetooth 4.0 powered trackers. This tiny device claims to have 1 year of battery life (with 24/7 use), a range of 30 metres (100 ft), has an audible alarm and flashing lights, a built in temperature sensor and can be customizable button. What makes the Linquet Mini different from other Bluetooth trackers we’ve seen is it also has cloud-based functionality.

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A free Linquet Mini iOS app will allow you to control the small unit. The app will work on the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad mini, and latest iPod touch.

Based out of Vancouver, the Linquet Mini aims to launch itself through crowdfunding. Currently users can pledge $25 for a Linquet Mini, which includes free shipping to Canada and the US in June 2013. Customers won’t charged until the Linquet Mini is ready. This will come with one year free of cloud service, but $29.99/year afterwards.

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Currently, the project has raised almost 5% of its goal of $75,000, with 39 days to go. You can check out a promo video of the Linquet Mini below:

You can learn more about the Linquet Mini here.


  • Omac

    So it’s cheaper to buy a new one every year?

  • Dante

    Haha good point!

  • Phil

    Why this needs to be cloud based? It is my stuff that I want to track, why would I want this to be on the cloud? Can’t it just stay on the phone? Just a way of making 30$ a year?

  • Thanks for the feedback. Linquet is more than an offline device, it’s an Internet Of Things solution capable of much more than just offline tracking. That’s why we have a Hardware-as-a-Service model. Although our cloud-powered hardware device is worth $100, we only charge $29.99/yr (or less) for a Linquet device, which also covers the unlimited cloud service including post-loss, wireless updates, new features, My Profiles customization, Linquet Apps, etc. Thanks to our HaaS model, we can constantly provide innovative updates and features to ALL of users (and not just the future users). Please don’t hesitate to share with us any concern or question you may have : .