Liquipel’s First North American Store Opening at West Edmonton Mall May 30


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California-based company Liquipel debuted their 2.0 nano coating earlier this year at CES 2013, where they showed off an iPhone 5 being dunked into a cylinder of water only to remain completely working afterwards, protected by the company’s latest “super-hydrophobic nanotechnology.” The company’s product is a microscopic coating that is “forever lasting”, untraceable and has no effect on your iPhone or iPad or any other device.

Liquipel will open their first retail outlet in North America tomorrow–it won’t be in the USA–but rather in Canada at the West Edmonton Mall. The company informed us via email the store will be located on Level One, in Phase II, beside the Ice Palace. Company spokesman Randy Smith says additional stores are planned in North America, but the exact locations won’t be announced until later this year.

Users typically had to purchase protection starting from $59.99 for all iPhones and send in their devices via their company website. Now, this WEM retail outlet should allow customers to just drop off their phones to get them waterproofed. Liquipel did not disclose retail pricing ahead of tomorrow’s launch so we will find out tomorrow what the exact cost will be.

The company also recently started to offer pre-treated devices, such as unlocked iPhone 5 for $749 USD.

If you’re near WEM tomorrow, visit the Liquipel location and email us some pictures to tips AT We’ll add your pictures in an update to this post.


  • ryanrobert

    Liquipel or not, I’d be reluctant to dunk my phone into water. I’m not that much of a risk taker.

  • Chrome262

    And it does nothing in terms of impact to the phone. I mean sure the iPhone 5 is probably one of the strongest phones out there, but does this help with scratches?

  • WatDah

    Very curious about the pricing…. Although I serious think this is unnecessary if you take better care of your devices.

  • Might be good if you work in a swimming pool. Swimming instructors can now live-tweet in the deep end.

  • ????Dennis

    AppleCare warranty is only $99. Better off spending your money on that…. It a no brainer.

  • WatDah

    Wish I was at the beach checking out girls instead of in the pool looking after kids. #omg #skankyhoes #bikinibabes #damnkids #fml #liquipel #waterproof #pwned

  • Guest

    Since when does the warranty cover water damage? And even if it does, you’re losing access to your phone until it’s fixed or replaced. I’ll go with Liquipel over the extended warranty thankyouverymuch!

  • Erik Kappel

    Since when does the warranty cover water damage? And even if it does, you’re losing access to your phone until it’s fixed or replaced. I’ll go with Liquipel over the extended warranty thankyouverymuch!

    (Wow disqus is being a serious pain at the moment. Sorry for the double post.)

  • Moz

    Do we know if it’s going to be possible to ship iPhones to that store to get treated? This liquipel thing is definately a plus for me who uses my phone at the gym where it is in constant contact with sweat (even a harmband) and high humidity levels. Also I use the iPhone as GPS on my motorcycle. When rain pours without warning having the device liquipeled would keep my peace of mind.

  • I think we will find out after tomorrow. I’ll try to get some answers from them.

  • Yeah it’s definitely a huge mental block to dunk your own phone into water after it’s been protected. But if it’s someone else’s….

  • ????Dennis

    AppleCare+ for $99 covers you iPhone for accidental damage for 2 years. There is no waiting around for your phone…. I dropped mine in water, brought it to Apple the same day and was handed a new one.

  • ????Dennis

    To each his own…. Makes no sense to pay $80 for just water protection. When you can have full blown accidental coverage from Apple for $99 and get same day replacement from Apple in store…. Like I said, a no brainer…

  • Erik Kappel

    Like you said below, to each his own right. And consider Moz’s case. You’re on your bike or really doing whatever outdoors. And suddenly it starts to rain or pour. With the warranty, you’ll be covered if you keep using it, but you’ll probably put it away, because why risk it? With water resistance built in, you don’t even have to think about it, you’ll keep using it if you need to, and you won’t scramble to get it into a pocket. If that’s not a scenario you ever find yourself in, Liquipel is certainly not for you. But for those of us who run or bike or do whatever outdoors, water resistance is a very convenient bonus.

    Not to mention that simply going to the store is something I consider a hassle.

  • Jag

    I was just at west Ed and checked out the booth. I have my doubts, first they market it as an emergency coating protection. “Liquipel does not recommend that your device comes in contact with any liquids”. Also they say if it does, don’t use it for 5 hours and turn it off. The warranty is only 60 days and they have a machine to test if the failer was their fault, if it is they have an on site tech who can fix anything.