MetaWatch Strata is Another Smartwatch For the iPhone 4S


Just a few months ago the Pebble e-paper smartwatch was launched, which we note happened to be a highly successful Kickstarter project. Now another similar watch called the MetaWatch Strata has hit Kickstarter. The initial public outcome hasn’t yet turned out similar to the Pebble, but the project has raised a swell $54,000 out of their $100,000 goal. With 22 days left as of now, I’m sure they’ll have enough time to reach their goal.

MetaWatch Strata is a Bluetooth 4.0 watch that connects to the iPhone 4S along with many Android smartphones. From the watch alone you can check text messages, see who’s calling, view the weather, control your music, and much more.

One highly advertised point by the designers of MetaWatch is the ability to check your watch rather than your phone. It’s assumed to be very convenient over taking your phone out of your pocket every few minutes.

The watch can be brought just about anywhere. It’s waterproof, so feel free to take a swim or shower while equipped with the watch. You can also sleep with the watch on your wrist. The alarm will awake you quietly — unlike your desk alarm.

The best part of all, MetaWatch is open source. Developers can use the SDK to create widgets. That’s not bad for a watch as the functionality is greatly enhanced over a classic analog watch after all.

For just $159.00 you could back this project and receive your own MetaWatch in September. Colors range from black/green, black/blue, and more. Click here for more information on the project.

Let’s settle this, the Pebble or MetaWatch, which is better?

[via iDownloadblog]


  • Erik

    I’m waiting for actual product reviews. Been scorned by Kickstarter a few too many times. Then I can make an actually educated decision between the two watches. And who knows, maybe Apple will have their own watch on the market by then! ( unlikely, but such are the risks with kickstarter )

  • Yeah Kickstarter looks great and all, but until that final product reaches your hand…it’s really hard to make a decision.

  • I agree too. I guess we will find out how these products perform upon the Pebble and MetaWatch Strata’s release during September. If the products already funded I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait for user reviews to hit the net to make a purchase.

  • nosnoop

    I think Pebble design is more attractive. More importantly, it has a bigger/higher res screen.

    Pebble uses a 144×168 LCD screen, while Metawatch uses a 96×96 LCD screen – that’s 2.6x more pixels for the Pebble.

    To top it off, Pebble costs $115 while Metawatch costs $159.

    Of course, that would depend on both watches in succeeding to get out of the door.

  • Other than the colored bezel, this looks exactly the same as Metawatch’s current model, which I already own. The hardware is stylish, but the software is a bit lacking, especially on the iPhone, because of limitations caused by Apple’s sandboxing policies.