MobileMount: Double Suction Cup Car Mount and Kickstand


Looks like you’re about to spend more money to fund one of the most interesting Kickstarter projects. MobileMount is a double suction cup mount that also acts as a kickstand. It solves the window mount dilemma for iPhone users that like to go without cases, and even works for those with bulky cases.

The high strength plastic suction cups will be able to hold up your iPhone and iPad, in a minimalist, simple design. The addition of ‘Vinyl Circles’ that stick onto any object will enable creative uses of this mount. I made a pledge as the MobileMount will work better for my naked iPhone 4S thanks to the suction mount.

Check out the videos below:


  • Mongo

    is this a advertising plug, i thought u were better than that

  • Nope. This Kickstarter project is awesome, and I paid to support it.

  • Auto Strada

    hmmm…I forgot what I was going to say…

    …oh, I remember.

    This is Gary’s site. He does what he wants.

  • ūüôā

  • Kraken

    My TomTom iPhone 4 GPS mount I bought last year uses the same twist mount technology.

  • I may not contribute¬†financially, but I can socially. Posted to twitter and Facebook. I would pay up to $30 for one of those.¬†

  • AnonymousGuy

    Seeing as the twist-mount looks exactly like TomTom’s, the patent that is “pending” may not even go through.