Ozone iPhone 5 EZ Stand Cases, 2-Pack for $9.97 at Costco


If you’re looking for some iPhone 5 cases, check out your nearest Costco for the following clearance price on these black and white Ozone EZ Stand cases. This 2-pack is selling for $9.97 and the cases allow you to use any credit card or equivalent to prop up the case in both landscape or portrait mode. Some sites on the web have these cases listed for around $39 each.


$10 for two iPhone 5 cases are a decent deal. If you don’t like them, just return them to Costco. Let us know if you find these at your local store!

[via RFD]


  • wiggity

    Really high quality cases…have been using them for a coupla months. Excellent fit, coverage and button accessibility. As good (if not as flashy) as all the $40 options from Incase, Belkin, etc that I tried and returned for refund. Only thing is that the glossy finish gets slippery with grease/sweat — would’ve preferred a grippier finish.

  • Thanks for the input

  • sukisszoze

    SIMPLcase for iphone which closed back on March 29 had a similar design and not shipping till end of June. These cases are cheaper and at Costco already…