‘Piper’ Offers Home Security & Automation In A Smart Little Package [Indiegogo]


Canadian firm Blacksumac’s ‘Piper’, which has already surpassed its $100,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding goal with prolific pre-orders, offers home security and automation in a smart little package. This first of its kind device comes equipped with a panoramic camera, Z-Wave controller, environmental sensors and Wi-Fi, all controlled and monitored remotely via smartphones or tablets.

Piper 1

“We are extremely thankful to the early supporters who have pre-ordered Pipers via contributions to our Indiegogo campaign,” said Russell Ure, the CEO of Ottawa based company. Piper’s Indiegogo campaign, which will continue until September 20, has so far raised over $116,000 from just under 500 backers. With a smartphone or tablet, consumers can use Piper’s panoramic camera to zoom around from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, or switch to quad-view to watch four different areas of a room at once. While watching live video, users can interact with family, pets, or even unwanted guests at home with two-way audio.

3 customizable security modes

Decide how Piper will protect your place
while you’re at home, away, or on vacation.

Alerts and notifications

Get told when things happen at home
with a phone call, text message, or email and
watch a video of what got Piper’s attention.
Add friends and family to your trusted circle
and Piper will contact them if you’re unreachable.

Hardware built for security

Piper is equipped with a motion detector,
two way audio, piercing siren, and battery
backup for your peace of mind and constant protection.

Piper also works with hundreds of home automation accessories to make homes safer, smarter and more comfortable. For example, lights can be turned on and off from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet, or with a schedule or when it gets dark.


The first units of Piper are scheduled to ship to early backers this November. If you’d like to pre-order one now, hit up this link.


  • Chrome262

    its pretty cool, with that and my Nest I can rule my home muahahaha, and other accessories of course. Wonder if I can train it to kill lol

  • sukisszoze

    ..if you hook it up to a proper z-wave controller..anything can happen 🙂

  • K.

    Doesn’t look like these camera are made for outdoors. Or are they?

  • Chrome262

    LOL I don’t think they make Z-wave controller for 50cal machine gun, or chainsaw lol,

  • sukisszoze

    They said it’s on the road map as it involves enclosure change and safety certifications.

  • sukisszoze

    This product looks to be better than the Canary (interesting how they both use names of birds). Canary raised over $1M..not sure why Piper is lacking behind…Canadian project vs US project?!?

  • It’s all about the marketing it seems.