Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset Review


When January 1, 2010 arrived that also came with a new law in BC and Saskatchewan that banned the use of cellphones while driving (other provinces have already done so). That means no more talking, texting, emailing, or web surfing while you’re driving.

If you’re caught, you can expect a $167 fine (and 3 points against your licence) in BC and $280 in Saskatchewan (four demerit points on your licence). So that means if you absolutely NEED to talk on the phone while driving, you better have a handsfree device, such as a Bluetooth headset.

We’ve reviewed the BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor speakerphone and Q1 Bluetooth headset, and the Plantronics Discovery 975.

The Plantronics Voyager PRO: One of the BEST Bluetooth Headsets Out There

Today we’re going to take a look at the current Bluetooth headset I’m using–the Plantronics Voyager Pro. I’ve been testing this headset for the past little while now, and so far it’s outperformed most headsets I’ve tried in terms of comfort, sound quality, and noise cancellation.

To start off, the Voyager PRO’s design is more conventional, rather than a new age look. There is an extended boom mic that can pivot and rotate, which allows for easy storage and quick setup for wearing on either ear. Volume buttons sit up top, while at the back of the battery pack is the power button and LED indicator. On the side of the boom mic is the Call Control Button (answers/ends calls; activates Voice Control on iPhone 3GS).

I found the Voyager PRO to be extremely comfortable on my ear and I was able to wear it for an hour without any discomfort. This is due to the flexibility of the headset and the nice balance. It just felt great on my ear since it just loops onto my ear, versus being jabbed in like other headsets. This is a very well built and solid Bluetooth headset. I was also able to connect it to my MacBook easily and use it as a headset.

How is the Call Quality?

With my barrage of calls made on the Plantronics Voyager PRO, every single caller did not know that I was talking on a Bluetooth headset until I told them. People could hear me clearly, and I could hear them extremely well. This is due in large part to the dual-mic AudioIQ noise canceling technology, which has two 3mm mics under three layers of protection. I was able to make calls while in the car and in noisy situations and loved ones could still hear me (normally people ignore me but this time they actually listened–small victory!).

The Voyager PRO’s talk time can be up to 6 hours with up 5 days/120 hours of standby, while weighing 17.5 grams. It comes with a Micro USB AC adapter and fully charges in 1.5 hours (also included are 3 gel ear tips and 2 foam covers). Not too shabby for a Bluetooth headset that was the CNET Editor’s Choice in April of 2009!

Final Verdict: Is This Headset Worth Considering?

Yes. The Voyager Pro will make you look like Rogers Customer Service rep that got loose, but the sound and call quality of this headset is second to none. It is very comfortable, has excellent battery life and did I mention people can hear you clearly during conversations? The retail price is $84.49 from (free shipping!) or $99 from

For the price, you get a headset that works exactly as advertised, although the design is not as “cool” as some of the others out there. But hey, I’ll take the Rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus CSR look any day for the amazing sound quality the Voyager PRO offers. Anyone else out there agree?


  • If your looking for a serious headset I would check out the Motorola HX1. It is the best out there for headsets right now in my opinion. Small, lightweight, comfortable and has true bone conduction for mic-less audio in the noisiest environments. As for handsfree systems in car a installed system like a Parrot is the only way to go. Nothing to wear, recharge, forget, have to put on etc – it's always there and ready to use, sounds great as it uses the speakers in your car. If you have not tried one out, you need to.

  • Shorty_dammit

    What about volume? Some people have trouble finding ones that are loud enough for their environment (and/or hearing, for that matter) to actually hear the person on the other end. Big rigs can be loud places, for example. Or people like me that have been to too many concerts and have trouble hearing some bluetooth headsets in a car because they're on the quiet side. I have no trouble hearing when I use the phone itself, but the few (very few) headsets I've tried were not loud enough for my liking.

  • Dusty

    The look is not the best but for sound quality, they seem to be decent from the review.

  • shnukms

    can't we just use the voice dialling and speaker for this new law?

  • Shorty_dammit

    Yes. Not loud enough for me to hear over the car, though.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Yes. Not loud enough for me to hear over the car, though.

  • I’ve been through numerous headsets from a variety of manufacturers and have found Plantronics to always be at or near the top of the bunch since I first used their Discovery headset.