Pre-Order “iGlow” iPhone 4 Rear Panel With Glowing Apple Logo


Last month, we showed you how it is possible to make your iPhone 4 back panel Apple logo glow like a Macbook with an upcoming mod from iPatch scheduled for release sometime soon. While there is no word on its release date so far, a Portuguese company iLoja already has such glowing Apple logo rear panels working. The panels will be available for order online on 31-10-2011 however you can pre-order one for your iPhone 4 right now.

According to iLoja, the process of installing the new back is simple and all you need is a philips screwdriver to do it yourself. As published by FSM:

The glowing Apple logo rear panel will/has/is:

  • Increases battery consumption by 1%
  • Longevity-guaranteed (powered LEDs).
  • Reversible
  • Interactivity with all functions (sms, calls, etc …)

If you are living in Braga or Lisbon, you can walk right into the iLoja stores and get your glowing Apple logo rearpanel, right there and then, for 79 Euros VAT included.

You can check out this YouTube video to see the super cool mod in action. Do let us know if you plan on getting one!


  • Ljrochon

    Guys learn from my experience, keep your original back panel. If you need any service from the apple store you won’t get it without ALL of your original parts installed on the phone.

  • ?Dennis

    Something like this would have to be like $25 for me to consider it. No way I would pay $150.

  • Cjlee9

    I agree.. 150 is too much.