Review: Sena Ultraslim Leather Case for iPhone 4


There are people out there that like to live dangerously. How so? They use their iPhone 4 units without a bulky case or protective skin (like the invisibleSHIELD). Yes, I know. How do these people sleep at night? Joking aside, if you are one of these brave souls, you have most likely used one of the Sena Ultraslim Leather Pouches for the iPhone.

Today we’re going to take a look at the latest Sena Ultraslim for the iPhone 4.

Here are some quick features about the SENA Ultraslim Leather Pouch:

  • Light zero bulk protective layer
  • Soft velvet lining with stitching along opening
  • Thinnest pouch SENA offers
  • Works best with ‘naked’ iPhones
  • Retails for $29.99 and $9.99 FedEx shipping to Canada

Here’s my short video review of the Sena Ultraslim for the iPhone 4:

The quality of the handmade Italian leather is amazing. It smells and feels great, and it’s incredibly thin. My only gripe was how the snugness would catch with the volume buttons on my iPhone 4. After repeated ‘bumps’ I can see my buttons getting looser. Then again, I had the invisibleSHIELD on both the front and back of my phone. Also, after time the case will stretch, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t like bulk with your iPhone 4, this is a must-have accessory.

Anyone using the Ultraslim with their iPhone 4? Let us know below how you like it!

[Sena Cases]


  • Anonymous

    Aside from the tight fit for the first week… I love my Ultraslin Case.

  • Anonymous

    Where do can you buy them in Ontario? Or can you?

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  • SlyC

    I just got this in the mail last week and I absolutely love it. I love my iPhone naked and the Sena ultra slim case is the perfect solution. I agree it was pretty snug at first but after a week of use, it stretched out a bit. My only issue is I wish it had a little padding on the inside for some extra protection but since it’s so thin, it fits easily in my pocket.

  • Sdair10

    I’ve been a fan of sena ultraslim ever since i got my 1st gen ipod touch and after 3 years, the ipod touch case is still doing its job perfectly. I ordered the ultraslim last month for my iphone 4 and i don’t use anymore the free bumper. Other than the tight fit on first week, no complaint anymore. This is the best case IMHO.

  • I’m glad to hear that there’s an ultra slim one for iPhone 4 now – I’m still using my iPhone 3Gs Sena case with my iPhone 4, which is a little big, but it works.

    Time to head down to the Apple store again I guess…

  • Anonymous

    You can get the 3G one at Apple Stores. But otherwise it is online and pay $9.99 for OVERNIGHT(!) FedEx courier from California to Toronto. Not bad if you ask me πŸ™‚

    And no customs or brokerage fee

  • Anonymous

    You can get the 3G one at Apple Stores. But otherwise it is online and pay $9.99 for OVERNIGHT(!) FedEx courier from California to Toronto. Not bad if you ask me πŸ™‚

    And no customs or brokerage fee

  • Gerry18

    I have a Incipio feather case and it’s wonderful. No extra bulk, worth looking into

  • That’s an amazing deal on shipping via FedEx. Especially overnight like you said!

  • It’s a beautiful case that is made extremely well. But I did find the issue with the seams hitting my volume buttons annoying.

  • Anish

    Gary – I was looking for a review exactly like yours for use of a Sena ultra slim pouch with having the ZAGG Invisible Shield on the front and back of the phone…

    I have actually ordered the ZAGG invisible shield maximum which also includes edge protection… I am curious if you have noticed any peeling on your ZAGG after repeatedly sliding in and out of that ultra slim pouch. Do you think that there might be an issue with the edge ZAGG protection in sliding in and out of this case with it peeling off over time?

  • Ex

    I’ve been using a variant of this case since August, and I’ve never had any issues with my invisible shield, front or back.

    Definitely do the Sena/Zagg combo.

  • I think if you wear in the Sena case after first, side invisibleshield protection should work fine. But brand new with the sides on, your phone can get “stuck” inside!

  • R-J

    Do you know if the Sena for the iphone 3GS is too big for the iPhone 4? I have Best skins ever installed on my iphone 4 and want the Sena case but the one for the iphone 4 is just too snug and I’m worried it will rip off the side protectors so I was just going to order the one for the 3gs….. Please advise.

  • R-J

    UPDATE: Grabbed on today and Stretched it out before I started to use it and it’s perfect.

  • Francis71

    Hello, I ordered and received this leather case (before, I had another one for my 3G) and…well it’s just me or anyone else notest that the tight fight scratches the aluminium like lateral surface from the iPhone 4?