Roam Mobility Nano SIM Card Now Available for the iPhone 5 [CONTEST]


Last week Roam Mobility announced its retail reach had eclipsed over 400 retail outlets. The company also announced its nano SIM card for the iPhone 5 would be coming in May.

As of yesterday, the company made the nano SIM card available early and it is now available to order on their website for $19.95, which includes free shipping.

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Roam Mobility offers Canadians an easy way to setup voice and data roaming for their upcoming trips to the USA while in Canada. The network used is T-Mobile in the USA, which recently has upgraded numerous cities to HSPA+ speeds. We have a review of our experience in Florida using Roam Mobility coming soon from @swotam. Stay tuned.

CONTEST: Enter to Win a FREE Roam Mobility nano SIM Card 

Be one of the first to own a Roam Mobility nano SIM card for your iPhone 5! We have managed to snag one up for grabs to a lucky reader.

How to enter? We’re going to make this easy. Leave a comment below telling us why you need this nano SIM card and in 24 hours we’ll announce a winner (Wednesday, May 1, 11AM PDT).

A Canadian mailing address is required to win, plus you must share about your winning prize on Twitter or Facebook afterwards. Good luck!

Update May 1, 11:10AM PDT: Congrats to Robert David for winning our Roam Mobility nano SIM card contest! Robert–check your email soon.

Thanks everyone for participating, stay tuned for even more giveaways.


  • Jesse

    I would love to have a roam mobility SIM card to use with my iPhone 5! Reason being is because I’m usually in the states every 2 months or so especially in Vegas and I currently use t mobile I hate how they don’t have a long distance/ text plan to Canada for the pre pay by the day plans… And with roams unlimited calls and texts to Canada plan it would be so ideal for me!

  • Dan

    i’d LOVE a roam mobility nano SIM!!! Travel to the states monthly (drive from NB through Maine, NH and Mass almost bi-weekly) and would love to be able to use google maps and data without crazy expensive roaming charges and fees!

  • Perfect timing – I was just searching Roam’s website looking for a Nano SIM for an upcoming trip to California! I saw they didn’t have it so I decided to stick with purchasing a T-Mobile SIM – but that’s such a waste of time and I would love to have a Roam Nano SIM. Thanks!

  • John Wells

    I live on the boarder of the US and Canada in Northern Ontario. I am in the US at least twice a week. There are even spots in Canada where you can get an AT&T signal and no Bell signal. I need this card. Goodbye roaming!

  • Andre

    I want one of these because I hate Bell and Rogers and their ridiculous roaming charges. Bell charged me $3 per call for two calls I didn’t even answer once when roaming.

  • Eric B

    I’m a physician who frequently travels to the US for conferences and research meetings. I need to stay in touch with the hospital for patient issues, which I frequently do with data (e-mail and imessage, Citrix, etc). Roam Mobility would save me the head-aches of travel packages and roaming charges!

  • Who doesn’t want to pay cheaper rates when in the US. I love to travel and this will be a great way to save money

  • My fiancee has a cabin in Washington State and we go there often. We’ve considered buying a pay as you go throw away phone in the US, just for when we are there, this would solve the problem and allow me to keep my iPhone 5 which I love.

  • I had hope to get to go back to Road Atlanta this summer and if I do I plan on getting a ROAM mobility SIM. Getting one free through iPhone in Canada would make the trip even better!

  • This is EXACTLY what I need for my trip down to PAX this year.

  • need to roam with my iphone5 out in seattle over victoria day long weekend!

  • I would like a roam mobility nano-SIM card to be able to stay connected when I go shop in the US. Their plans are amazing and the value compared to the roaming rates of my as carrier are simply unbeatable.

  • excaliburca

    I tend to do a fair amount of travelling into the US… with this and an unlocked iPhone 5, this would make my life so much easier!

  • Worked great only my last vacation. Just need a nano sim for the iPhone 5.

  • Ray Barrick

    I have had ROAM SIMS for my iPad for a couple of years. Although the cost of data is fairly high, it is better to avoid the hassle of trying to deal with AT&T.

  • Jordan

    I cut my old Roam SIM badly to try to fit it into my iPhone 5…. need a replacement

  • Steve Dudka

    When I travel to the US I am usually on the edge of a Canadian tower with strong US signal. I am usually dancing around with my phone in the air to get the best signal I am tired of this and would love to have a ROAM SIM to solve my problem

  • Mike Sun

    I just unlocked my Telus iPhone – this would be the perfect addition to my iPhone when I travel to the US

  • phil

    going to be travelling to the states and will need a way to keep in touch with family in canada without having to look everywhere for wifi.

  • i need this because whatever is done in Vegas stays in Vegas 😀

  • I live in Canada and my GF lives in the USA. My last Rogers bill was $2800 in roaming. I’m dooooone with that.

  • I unlocked my iPhone5 as soon as Rogers made the option available and was watching for Roam nano-SIMs to become available. This will be handy for trips to PA and FL and winning one would soften the $50 blow of the unlocking fee 😉

  • I am going to Las Vegas for my birthday and would love to have cheap data / minutes while there 🙂

  • Stopped loading on my AT&T micro SIM card since I used iPhone 5 and Roam Mobility nano SIM is the perfect companion for my shopping in the US.

  • Norberto Flores

    My wife told me million times to turn off the roaming on my iPhone and I said yes but I forgotten do it. when the bill came WAPAK! my ear hearts!

  • Anthony

    I need one for my trip to Seattle when I attend PAX later this year!

  • I would love to win the Roam Mobility nano sim for it would be a great companion to take to the U.S.. Now all I have to do is save up now for an unlocked iPhone 5!

  • New York this summer: this Nano SIM would be perfect!

  • Love to have this sim when head to Vegas in summer

  • Blake Fisher

    I’m down in the USA fairly often and would love to use Roam. This would be a huge boon for me.

  • Going to USA soon, this would be useful to get around with Google maps on my iPhone!

  • Kirk

    I’m heading to New York in the first week of July and would love the chance to try this out…funny thing is I was actually going to check AT&T’s website about buying a SIM card. My iPhone 5 is unlocked.

  • PDS

    I live near the border and pop over to the states for dinner, shopping and general travel. I would love to be able to leave my iPhone on when I make these trips. As it is, my phone is turned off just before crossing the bridge.

  • ribby

    I need one so I can roam on my iPhone 5 with Roam Mobility!

  • Bob

    Visit the US a cope of times per year and a ROAM mobility SIM wold be perfect for those occasions and not worry about roaming charges.

  • Having a Roam Mobility card would be amazing for fairly frequent US trips – no more getting ripped off by the big players!

  • Sam

    Would love to use it when I go down to the States next month.

  • Robert David

    Often traveling to Boston. I had the SIM card for my 4S (very useful) but was waiting for the nano.

  • David

    I often travel to the US and would love to use it as they have great rates!

  • I take frequent trips to New York. I would love a Roam Mobility nano SIM card!

  • We visit the in laws for a month every year in Kentucky.. It would be nice to be able to use my own phone to keep in touch with my family here in Canada without having to use my mother-in-law’s phone..

  • Jon Ouimet

    I just booked my vacation t fort Myers (June 17th) for 9 days and could really use this instead of running around to find wifi to make calls on Skype.

  • bretm5

    I would love a roam is card as I travel to the US monthly

  • mon_mothma

    I need data when I’m in the US but I can’t stand paying Rogers’ exorbitant roaming fees. A Roam Mobility SIM is the perfect solution!

  • Keven tardif

    Going to us next week and nano-sim fit perfectly my iphone 5 🙂

  • cokelover

    I’m actually going on a New York trip with my mom and dad, and this would be perfect for me! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ben

    Need a nano SIM for my unlocked iPhone 5 on upcoming trip to the Premium outlet in PA… already have a standard SIM from Roam.

  • Hugh

    I don’t want to get Robbed by Robbers when I travel to the US next month.

  • Jim B

    We’re going to Hawaii. Was going to use SimpleMobile but a Canadian based provider makes way more sense.

  • Hobbes

    I cross border shop often….it would be nice to pay lower fees rather than the high roaming costs with Rogers.

  • Sharon

    I’m headed to Texas soon and was waiting for the nano card to be released. Glad I read about Roam and hope it works as well as the reviews I’ve read. Thanks 🙂

  • I need one because I’m getting an iPhone 5 soon and don’t wanna cut my current one I use in my 4S!

  • Kristofer Schofield

    I travel down to the US a few times a year to make it worth it for me. Planning on getting one regardless.

  • I need this sim because I tried cutting the normal sized sim and it didnt work! It never works lol

  • Heading to the US soon and don’t want to have to chop up a micro SIM to use Roam with my iPhone 5!

  • therealrav

    Been using Roam for about 2 years. Always have to borrow my friends unlocked Blackberry or S3 :(. Going to Vegas for 10th anniversary and can use the nano-SIM and avoid having to carry a BB and iPhone5 while trying to hold my wife’s hand on the strip!

  • Jonathan Hardwicke Brown

    It would make my trip to San Francisco this month just a little more enjoyable not having to worry about outrageous roaming charges.

  • bass cleff

    I need thus so I can brag to my techie friends

  • Now that you can use high speed data on iPhone 5 with Roam, I can put away my trusty old pink LG Neon and “Roam” on my iPhone 5. Yay!!!:-)

  • I am also going to Las Vegas for my birthday and I need to get a nano sim card for my unlocked iphone 5 :).

  • Jaq Stew

    I am going to NYC to celebrate the 50th. anniversary of my nursing class fro The Charlottetown Hospital School Of Nursing. I would really like to be able to connect with my family in Toronto while I am away.

  • vman1964

    My wife is from the U.S. and we travel often to the visit family there. Would love to be able to use my phone while in U.S..

  • We used to live in the states, so we visit friends a handful of times a year. I made the mistake of using my iPhone in roaming mode, and boy did I ever have to pay through the nose for that, so I could really use a Roam Mobility SIM card!


    I drive down to US often and would love to have Roam Mobility SIM card for my unlocked iPhone. They have terrific plan and would definitely need it. @1smarty1 is my twitter handle.. Thanks!!

  • I take a couple of sports teams into the states for tournaments quite often, it would be great for the parents to have consistent contact number to reach us in case of an emergency.

  • Natasha A

    I am going to Florida with my husband in June to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and this Nano sim card would be just perfect to allow me to keep in touch with my kids who are staying behind in Canada while we are gone !

  • Mark

    Great for shopping trips to the states

  • I’m a biology graduate student, and we are planning on doing an extensive sampling trip through the southeast this summer. A Roam Mobility SIM would be extraordinarily useful!!!

  • Brilliant way to visit the Grandparents without owing Telus my firstborn son!

  • aaron_o

    regular travel to New Jersey, Arizona, and Mass. Hook me up with a nano sim!

  • Ben

    Hey can you tell me how you got them to unlock your phone? I thought you had to pay back the subsidized portion of your phone as well as the unlock fee

  • TheShay

    I’m Heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks and could really use cell access without paying a fortune.

  • Going to florida for one month, that would be great!

  • hylowyoh

    Perfect for my upcoming trip to Beantown. #bostonstrong

  • I would like to win this! I travel to the US several times a year for work and pleasure. It would save me a PILE if I was able to switch my sim before I left.

  • mike

    I’d love to win – I’m planning on taking my iPhone to San Fran in a few weeks and I need a good way to instagram all my pictures of their big fancy bridge while i’m taking them – not when I’m back at the hotel. Either that or cat pictures. Thanks iphoneincanada & Roam Mobility!


  • I plan on doing a cross-continent pub crawl (Ontario to California) and need affordable data access to allow me to post incriminating pictures and blog updates!

  • fds

    I am currently using the roam mobility service here in boston. The calls and text r no problem, however i do not get 3g everywhere. its just “E” in most places around i been to so far.

  • Roam Mobility runs on T-Mobile as you know, which AFAIK has only rolled out HSPA+ to select areas.

  • Mobile Etats Unis

    It is great service there were absolutely no problem in getting calls and SMS and in sending also no problem at all!!!!