Root Cases For iPhone 4


Root Cases are very innovative cases made of hard, dense, and smoothly polished wood. The cases are very elegant and if you’re looking for a classy case with a wood-like feel, Root Cases could be for you.

The cases provide easy access to the camera, dock connector, and headphone jack. The volume rocker and sleep/wake are covered by the case, but are still usable.

Each case also comes in two pieces that snap together tightly when the iPhone 4 is inside the case. Each case further covers the back and outside of the iPhone 4, keeping the device protected but the display exposed.

The company currently has four Root Cases for the iPhone 4, each of the same style but different color and texture. The colors and corresponding descriptions are listed below:

  • Walnut: Walnut is a hard, dense, and smoothly polished wood. It exudes classiness. When you have the Root Walnut case on your iPhone 4 you are telling the world you are in control.
  • Zebrawood: Zebrawood is a hard wood that gets its name from the distinct, Zebra-like pattern. This vibrant Root Case pattern is the most textured wood that we use.
  • Wenge: Wenge is a tropical wood and is the darkest wood that we use. It has a very distinctive look and feel to it that oozes luxury, especially when wrapped around your beautiful iPhone 4.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo can grow at a rate of more than 2 feet per day, making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It is a very hard wood and light in color with small grain fibers that make it very distinct. Nothing says green quite like a Root Bamboo iPhone 4 case.

Each case costs $59.00 and is available for shipping immediately.

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  • These look really drool-worthy. Wonder how well they stand up to scrapes and bumps though. Shame they couldn’t incorporate a wooden switch for the ring silencer too…

  • look how deep the holes are, thats a significant amount of material, its probably adds a bit of bulk to the phone.

  • Mark P

    DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ROOT CASE. The first case I received did not even fit my phone. After 3 weeks, I finally got my replacement. However, this case only lasted 2 weeks before the bottom portion completely broke off (I’ve never dropped the phone). I sent 3 emails but still have not heard back (2 months ago). Numerous other people have had similar problems, but their comments have been quickly deleted by the Root Case owner. Poor product and poor company.

  • Concerned customer

    Ive ordered a case from them over a week ago and have yet to receive anything from them. Ive sent e-mail and i’ve tried tracking but have made no progress with either…. should i be concerend?