SGP GLAS.t Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 4/4S [REVIEW]


I’ve always been a fan of SGP’s Steinheil Ultra Series screen protectors. These crystal clear, finger-print resistant films allow easy, bubble free application that makes them one of the best offerings in the market. However, makers of these industry leading protection films have just come up with an even better solution called the SGP GLAS.t, which unlike any other screen protector, is made from premium tempered glass. Yes, that’s right. It’s a glass that protects the glass underneath! Find out more in our full review after the break.


  • Whole Transparency: The GLAS.t is 0.4mm think and made with chemically treated transparent tempered glass.
  • Surface Hardness: 8-9 H: The surface of the GLAS.t has a hardness of 8-9H, three times stronger than regular PET film. Even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the GLAS.t.
  • Oleophobic Coating: The GLAS.t has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean.
  • Delicate Touch:The GLAS.t is coated with a strong silicone adhesive that makes installation easy and attaches the film firmly which does not affect the touch screen’s sensitivity.
  • Anti-shatter Film: If broken, the GLAS.t breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products



Spigen SGP GLAS.t for iPhone 4/4S ships in an attractive looking box. Opening it up reveals a bunch of goodies in addition to the glass protector film. You’ll get a GLAS.t screen protector for iPhone 4/4S, a set of 6 epoxy coated home buttons, a squeegee for bubble removal, a microfiber cloth, an alcohol swab and an authenticity card with a unique serial number.

The included set of epoxy coated buttons is actually a pretty cool inclusion. There are two black buttons, two white buttons and one button each in yellow and pink. They look and feel really nice. In fact, I’ve put one on all my iPhones and iPads, even those without a GLAS.t protector. The reason why SGP decided to include these buttons is that once you apply the 0.4mm thick GLAS.t screen protector on your iPhone, you’ll notice a slightly raised edge around the home button. So, to make up for this slightly increased depth, the’ve included a set of convex surfaced stick-on buttons.

Installing the GLAS.t requires a little extra bit of care as compared to conventional screen protectors. Due to its slightly thicker and harder material, you only get one shot at installing it. So, before you take the plunge, remember to wipe the iPhone’s screen with the included alcohol swab, which actually does a pretty good job at removing dust particles, and then clean it dry with the microfiber. For best results, ensure a dust free environment, preferably a room with closed windows. I recommend switching off any fans during application.

When you’re ready, just peel off the cover film, align the GLAS.t protector with the speaker and home button cutouts and place it on the iPhone. Once you’re satisfied with the film’s placements and alignment, tap it gently at the middle and the protector’s adhesive will smoothly begin spreading over the screen. Air bubbles, if any, can be removed easily by using the included squeegee. Any bubbles due to dust particles will most likely be permanent. Luckily for me, I got it just perfect!

I personally don’t think that the home button feels much deeper with the GLAS.t than without it so using the epoxy home buttons purely comes down to your personal preference. I like how the buttons look so I chose to use them (this is actually my wife’s iPhone, hence the pink color :P).

Now the question is, is GLAS.t any better than the conventional screen protectors? The answer is, hell yes! This is one of those times when you say “you gotta see it to believe it!”. It looks as if there is no screen protector at all. The glass is silky smooth to touch, just like the iPhone’s own glass and if you’ve just upgraded from a plastic screen protector, you’ll feel as if your iPhone’s Retina has just come back to life.

While I didn’t perform any drop tests, I did try scratching the GLAS.t with a pen and some keys but I was amazed to see, it didn’t allow me to succeed. So, the GLAS.t not only looks brilliant, but also provides better scratch and scuff protection than any other screen protector I’ve ever come across.


I’ll safely conclude by saying that that Spigen SGP GLAS.t is simply the best screen protector for iPhone 4/4S out there that maintains the gorgeous Retina clarity and feel good glassyness you get while using your iPhone without a screen protector.


  • Jd2157

    Does the extra thickness from this screen protector cause issues with cases? Pretty much everyone I know with an iPhone has a case on it… and most cases seem to fit pretty snug around the edges of the screen.

  • Just followed up by reading the review on iLounge, and they had a problem a month later with pocket coins chipping the protector, which eventually lead it to cracking.

  • Usman

    I’m using an aluminum bumper which seems to be going along nicely. It should also prevent the chipping issue mentioned by Mark in the comment above.

  • Usman

    I’d recommend using it with a bumper case to be on the safe side. The GLAS.t is worth sacrificing a snap-on case IMHO!

  • DefiningSound

    This is begging for a drop test! Will a force that shatters a siliconed 0.4 mm safety glass layer, leave the glass beneath unscathed? Perhaps this is finally a situation where a bb gun can be claimed as a business expense by the team at iPhone in Canada 😉

  • Lewis Kezagger

    I don’t get the glass protector stuff.  I’m not brutal to my phone but have a bumper case on it and thats all.  I’ve dropped it several times and its in my pocket always.  The screen has never ever been scratched.  Dropping it – I’ve probably been lucky, but the bumper case does a more than fine job.  Its gorilla glass – so I’ve never seen the logic in putting a plastic film over it that simply blurs the clarity.  Even this new “glass” film I question.

  • Usman

    Haha no way! I’m not willing to take that risk, not at the expense of an iPhone 😛

  • Usman

    There isn’t much to question here! Even if you use a dry application Wrapsol screen protector, you won’t notice any thing that “blurs the clarity”. It’s crystal clear, and with GLAS.t, it’s even better. In fact, you get all the goodness of iPhone’s own glass without having to worry about scratching it! 
    P.S Gorilla glass is not scratch proof! It actually gets scuffed pretty easily.

  • DJ Jesse James

    I bought months ago after reading an article in MMi.
    No doubt about it. THE BEST.
    Far as duribility it is coming up on three months and ZERO CHIPS, SCRATCHES OR MARKS. Also no blemishes like a well used unprotected Gorrilla glass iPhone would get.
    I examinated mine extremely well after reading this. Just to note.
    Also becides rockin bareback there are two different aluminum bumpers used on my ip4s.
    The Crimson sandwich style that applies pressure on the front and back leaving all sides exposed (one of the nicest cases ever owned, esp. the 24kt one.) Also changed often (have rotated about every other week) with a Deff Japan ‘Cleave’ (another nice case but prone to signal issues.)
    Worth every penny if u want to run your factory screen at max viewing pleasure and touch with a screen protector.
    After the second month I have started putting my phone face down as this stuff is WAY HARDER to scuff then gorilla glass.
    Worth noting I just put one one my New iPad and it is just as great as the phone (becide the $70 bill) but the package did NOT contain the home button covers?
    I for one do notice the slighter thickness difference but the home stickers feel great and DON’T get hung up on anything and peel off. I think the iPad is more noticeable as sometimes u have to ‘blindly’ feel around for home while the phone is smaller and you can press directly down on home.

    Highly recommended. Hope this helped.

  • Nilo13

    Does glas t. Screen protector has full body protection ??? Having the screen shield On the side and the back like zagg insibleshield???

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