Smarter Stand: Kickstand for iPhone with Tangle-Free Earbud Storage


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A new Kickstarter project called the Smarter Stand aims to solve the problem of propping up your iPhone, while also solving the problem with earphone cord management. The Smarter Stand latches onto your earphones while they are plugged into your iPhone to prop it up. When you’re done, the stand also acts as storage for your headphones so they can easily be wound up for later use.

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The Smarter Stand works with or without a case on your iPhone and pledges start at $9 for a single stand plus $7 to ship outside of the USA. Check out the video below:

Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in backing.


  • RMstorm

    Signed up already. They also make smarter stand for iPad which is essential.

  • A

    It’s not called kickstand. Correct the title.. Kickstand is part of the Microsoft surface

  • LOL

  • David Vandervelde

    Love it. Great for on the plane.

    One concern — would prolonged use put too much pressure on the earphone port? They claim not, but some long term use study would be needed to confirm that.

  • Just backed this project, looks very cool. Really looking forward to getting the iPad stand as well.