Canadian-Made ‘Sprng’ Clip Keeps your Apple EarPods in your Ears for $10



If you’re having issues with Apple’s EarPods staying put in your ear, Sprng clips aim to solve your headphones from falling out during physical activity. They clip onto your existing EarPods to allow them to fit snugly in your ear by levering a clip against your ear, a clever solution for those who can’t use the new EarPods.


Sprng is a Canadian invention, by the industrial design firm OHM (Steve Orzel, Graham Hills, Kirk Mosna) based in Hamilton, Ontario:

“With all the millions of earpods that Apple gives away with their products, it would be a shame if people did not use them because they fall out. Accordingly, we decided to make an inexpensive accessory that wouldn’t distract from the clean look of the earpods but kept them in your ears.”

Sprng clips are $10 and include free shipping to Canada and the USA. The only colour available is white, which has a grey elastomeric tip.

Let us know if you’re having issues with Apple’s EarPods and if this looks to be a solution for you!


  • Brandon Pereira

    Apple…… I’m a huge fanboy……. but there shouldn’t need to be products like this…… you’re slowly making me look towards other companys…..good thing i’m locked into a 3 year term haha

  • Chrome262

    I never used the standard headphones, although the latest are better, I always buy better headphones, In ear is the way to go. But this is cool.

  • Brandon Pereira

    They don’t stay in my ears! The advertisements all say they’re designed universally for all ears but I’ve only talked to a handful of people who say they work.

  • This issue is not unique to Apple’s EarPods. The issue resides with all “earbud” type headphones. Apple’s happens to be the most universally used, therefore of course the issue will persist with more people. No earbud can be made to be universally compatible with everyone’s ears, that’s impossible. So cut Apple a little slack here!

  • Also I agree with Chrome, if someone is a true “audiophile” then they should fork out some cash for top quality headphones. The Apple ones are not the best on the market but all things considered, they’re pretty good and a definite improvement over the old ones.

  • gerry

    Majority of the times my earpods fits comfortably in my ears. But usually the times that it’ll fall loose if it’s windy and blows it out of the ear socket. Wouldn’t mind giving these a try if I chose to.

  • Shawn Rouse

    I have a problem with them falling out, but only when I’m running. I ordered these, good idea.

  • sully54

    it’s covering the hole on the stem of each earbud used to control bass (according to apple’s earpod video).

    things like this make me wonder what people do with their earpods that they fall out. i use my at the gym and they never fall out.

  • Iza Rai

    “wouldn’t mind giving these a try if I chose to”

    is it possible to mind something you choose to do?
    thanks for the giggles!

  • Shawn Rouse

    What can I say, ears are weird. 😉

  • Jason

    Haven’t had any issues with these ear pods during any sports or gym workouts…

  • gerry

    Very welcome for the giggles lol.

  • Bob Johnson

    The clip actually has a raised area which allows the air to come out without any effects to the bass 🙂

  • Tim Tripp

    I picked up a pair of earpods when they came out, excited by the marketing materials. Soon discovered I couldn’t walk a block without them falling out of my ears. Went back to third party ear buds.

  • Momen

    No sully54 is absolutely right. They completely bring down bass response… it’s a tragic flaw and a huge oversight. It doesn’t matter if they make them stay in your ears if it alters the sound. Shame.