Stocking Stuffer: $60 Of iTunes Gift Cards For $48 From Future Shop


Around the holidays, almost every retailer has some kind of deal or discount on various products and services.

This week, we’ve received some tips that Future Shop is selling $60 worth of iTunes gift cards for $48. It seems that Future Shop has decided to discount two bundled three-packs of $10.00 iTunes cards.

In other words, iTunes users can save $12 when purchasing $60 worth of iTunes credit!

The offer is in the Future Shop mid-week flyer and has been confirmed in-store. The offer however does not seem to be available online. If you see this iTunes discount in your local Future Shop, let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Jonathan A. for the tip!


  • LX

    can one use these iTunes gc for apps?

  • Anonymous

    You can use iTunes gift cards to buy apps for yourself, but not to buy apps for other people. I don’t know why.

  • Ex


  • Anderson_46

    iTunes changed their policy this year and allows itunes gift cards to be used on music,movies,videos,apps, etc for everything…

  • ItalianWing

    Why are there 2 different types of gift cards? AppStore and iTunes? So will iTunes gift card work in AppStore and vica-versa?

  • Safeway has a similar deal – $7 off the $30 3pack of $10 cards – With a $20 purchase of something else (food etc) until Dec 31 2010

  • eket

    Just a warning – I bought on of those 3 packs of $10 cards (from safeway, on sale) and applied $20 to my itunes account. I bought an app a few days later, and to my surprise they charged it to my credit card with my account balance remaining at $20. I just checked the back of the card, and it says “Not redeemable for all purchases, such as iPod games or App Store purchases.”

  • Eket

    Never mind – I was mistaken. Though the card itself does say it is not valid for App Store purchases, they did indeed apply the credit to my app purchase. There was just a delay in updating my credit balance, so I assumed the receipt I received meant it had been instead charged to my credit card.