The Playa Case – Protection for You AND Your iPhone


I was tempted to title this article “iPhone in Canada ‘After Hours'”. 😛 This new iPhone case from Annex Products, is called The Playa Case. It is a poly carbonate case for your iPhone 4/4S, with a slide out compartment on the back, that is the perfect size to fit two condoms. The sliding compartment stays closed securely, while opening and closing with ease.

The Playa™ Case offers protection for you and your iPhone.

  • Discrete storage compartment… wink wink
  • Protective PC hard case
  • Secure and reliable sliding action.
  • Sleek appearance
  • Super thin (we’re talking about the case)
  • Suits iPhone4/4S

Although there are many things you could fit in such a compartment, Annex Products is marketing this as a compartment for a condom. With a name like “The Playa Case”, what else could it be for? This comes from the folks that brought us the Opena Case last year. That’s the iPhone case with the bottle opener on the back.

No, this is not a late April Fools joke. 😛 The Playa Case is not available, yet, but is coming soon. It will retail for $29.95, and will be available from their website, here. Is this something you think you could use? Are you a “playa”?


  • DjDATZ

    Definitely a better idea than storing it in your wallet… Although, she may look at you weird when you whip out your phone instead of something else… 😛 LOL

  • xywix

    Great idea to store a couple jay’s

  • Bmacorr

    couldn’t you store a credit card or ID in that compartment?  Avoiding having to bring cash and a wallet with you at all times?

  • bradg17

    haha you could put your dope in there too man 😉

  • Definingsound

    Canadians are so funny, a secret compartment and instantly “you put your weed in there”. Now we need to wait for next year’s Smoka Toka case.

  • Pinky

    lol i didnt knw this case was for condom i brought my mom this case in pink cuz i through its cute n u can out ID’s and money in the back had no idea about that lol