This iPhone 4 Has Made a Wooden Transformation


There is a market out there to customize the backs of the iPhone 4. Want to add some ‘life’ to your iPhone 4? You can give your iPhone that wood-finished look by jumping on a kit from the folks at Material 6. That’s exactly what Marco Vane did and the finished product looks pretty cool (it also reduces the weight of your iPhone). As he declared, his iPhone’s “got wood”.

These hand-crafted pieces of wood don’t come cheap though. At $89US each, standing out doesn’t come cheap though. Check out Marco’s finished product here:

You can check out the wooden backs from Material 6 here.


  • Duffsurly

    I’d buy one, but only if they added the shinny apple logo on top of the finished wood!!!
    That would look sharper. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • but you have to remove the original back. now for strength i would of went with steal or something.

  • Pphfl04

    Better off going to and getting one for $20.

  • Blackwidowman

    $89 to void your warranty and add a piece of wood that will react to change in humidity and temperature…

  • een

    Just took a quick look through their site.

    Pretty sure your concerns are unecessary.

    They use OEM iP4 backs that, instead of glass, have a 1mm wood veneer attached.

    Would changing the back void your warranty?
    Technically, yes, but unless some sort of seal that people aren’t aware of is broken, should you have a warranty issue you just slap the old back onto the phone and ship it off.

    As for humidity and temperature…where do you take your iPhone? The sauna? j/k ๐Ÿ™‚
    1mm veneer secured as they have indicated should not have any issues whatsoever.

    I kinda like it.
    Maybe a rich mahogany backing?
    That would look nice.


  • Ryan

    If you’re wanting the Apple logo as well you could go for one from Gresso that comes with an inlaid 18k gold Apple logo. Only $4500!