Watch This iPod touch Drop 100,000 Feet Inside a G-Form Case [VIDEO]


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Back in August G-Form dropped an iPhone 4S out of a helicopter at 1000 feet. This time around, the company has dropped a fifth gen iPod touch inside one of their latest iPhone 5 cases from 100,000 feet up in the stratosphere. The setup was lifted up via weather balloon, then dropped to the Earth. Check it out below:

Here are some stats from their drop test:

  • Flight distance: landed 41 miles from launch
  • Launch site: Near Area 51 in Nevada Desert
  • Maximum height: Over 100,000 feet
  • Temperature Endured: -60 degrees
  • Retrieval: Used GPS tracking device and helicopter
  • Time from Launch to Landing: 1hour and 45 minutes

G-Form will be showing their new line up of cases at CES:

“People are blown away that we could send a device guarded with solely our sleek iPhone case up to 100,000 feet and then let it free fall without worry,” said Thom Cafaro, VP of Innovations, G-Form. “With an ordinary case people might worry if they simply dropped it off of a table or while getting out of their car.  This test just proves how confident we are that the new XTREME line will protect against anything.”

You can also take look at our hands on review of the G-Form iPad cases. The XTREME Cases for iPhone 4 and 5, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch are now available from G-Form.


  • kd7iwp

    I would be much more interested in this example if the phone fell separately from the balloon and attached camera box. I am quite sure that the terminal velocity of the falling iPhone was much lower with these attachments than it would have been if it simply were the iPhone in a case by itself. Nonetheless, this is a good experiment and appears to be a solid case. Just I feel there is a bit of hype here if when it landed it was sitting on top of some fabric.

  • Good point. It would’ve been good to see the final impact, but this test seems like it would’ve been pretty hard to track where it would fall and land. Their video camera cut out during the fall due to cold temperatures. Let’s hope their next drop text improves on this.

  • Apple_Sauce

    It looks like it may be a bogus test. Not only was the yellow bag attached which would definitely slow terminal velocity; when they picked up the phone they had to dig it out of what looked like a small chute. A small chute with a 3 foot diameter would slow a small payload like an iphone to a very nice controlled touch down that would be completely independent of the height dropped. This test looks like a marketing stunt full of garbage.