ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 5 Install Tutorial [VIDEO]


Did you just pick up your iPhone 5? Were you able to activate it? Anyways, one of the first things you should consider is installing some sort of protection on your new phone. Earlier today we noted people complaining the back part of the aluminum can be scratched easily. By installing a protective film such as ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD from the start, you can get protected right away.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to install the invisibleSHIELD on your iPhone 5 made by @meadorsmusings–he makes it look so easy:

Click here to visit to order your invisibleSHIELD.


  • Husein S.

    Futureshop had a promotion (maybe it’s always like this – I don’t know) where for an extra $5 they’d install it for you if you buy it in-store. I’m glad I did this since the first person who did it managed to get a tiny hair under the screen so I just took it back and they re-did it. I’d say it’s worth it for $5 to have them take responsibility.

  • Good point. That $5 could save a lot of time to get the perfect install.

  • Lucky you, I did myself and screw it up. It extremely hard to align proper on one try. What a waste of $25. I wish I had known about the promotion. I will never buy another Zagg product again. The only reason I went with a Zagg was the the Moshi iVisor for the iPhone 5 is not yet readily available in Canada. I will get an iVisor the moment it is available, just have to be more careful for the time being.

  • I find it very easy to do as long as you have enough water you can shift it around a bit till you get it to that sweet spot . BTW Gary do you notice a big differance between the “HD” and the regular one ?

  • aRhyno

    its life time warranty, take a knife, put a scratch and call them up 🙂

  • Dimundz

    Is there anywhere in Toronto that sells the High Definition FULL BODY Front & Back? I just see the fronts everywhere, no dual pack.

  • HD seemed to have less “orange peel” but I’m waiting to try the new EXTREME coming our way. Will keep you updated.

  • Thanks for the advice. I though about doing that. My option are to complain to both Zagg and Best Buy where I purchased it and see if they will do anything about it.

  • I guess I miss the sweet spot. On getting it wet, if I had it any wetter I would void the warannty.

  • Sounds good ..

  • Rob

    Yeah I’m curious to see if the extreme really is as strong as they say… Would love to see a full review!