ZAGG LEATHERskins on Sale for Over 60% Off


If you’re into leather (insert crude joke here), you might want to consider LEATHERskins from ZAGG. Currently, there is a huge blowout sale with all skins selling for over 60% off.

The iPhone 4 LEATHERskin is selling for 66% off at $9.99 (regularly priced at $29.99). These are 100% genuine cattle-hide leather, not fake leather like some of the cheaper skins out there. If you’re wary of scratches, these are definitely something to consider. The sale goes until supplies last, and leather comes in either black, tan, or premium.

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  • Mike

    I didn’t like the cases, nor did I like their screen protectors, maybe the back protector. I agree I’m an ‘aggressive’ iphone user, I drop my phone numerous times a day etc. Their products doesn’t last long, screen protectors peel and cases break.

    I found better products at bestbuy/futureshop, I’m not doing an advertisement here so I won’t mention them. This is just my part of the story.

    ZAGG thumbs down

  • Drocass

    you already promoted futureshop/Bestbuy so list those products 😛
    you already went against your non advertisement campaign ^_~

    Just messing with you hehe . Yes I agree, i didnt care much for zagg either. Incase snapcase all the way or Apples Bumper (which im using now) while im at it…. >.>…<.< Canadian Tire! sorry i didnt want them to feel left out lol

  • Looks neat but Im all about the Otterbox.

  • I prefer having no case on my iPhone, so the ZAGG stuff suites me fine. I tried the Leather Skin a while back. It was okay, but it does peel, with time. I never bought another.

  • Dennis

    I just recently starting going naked. The phone feels amazing. With Apple charging $29 for the backplate, why not? That’s cheaper than most cases.

  • Shawn P

    Zagg is not meant for people with butter finger syndrome, its for people who know how to take care of things and simply want scratch protection (as an iphone resting on a single grain of salt is enough to form a scratch).