1Password 4 Launches On Sale for More than 50% Off


Agile Bits previously teased 1Password 4 and last night the much anticipated app hit the App Store. The company has announced with the launch is a huge 55% off sale, which makes 1Password 4 only $7.99 (regular price $17.99):

What’s the big deal about the fourth edition of 1Password for iOS? In short, everything.

We spent more than a year thinking, designing, dreaming, drafting, listening, testing, and ultimately building. The new 1Password for iOS marks a new era for the most incredible password and identity manager for the iPhone and iPad

1P4 iPhone Action Bar 1P4 iPhone web tabs

1Password plays a huge deal deal in my daily workflow and it’s by far the easiest way to keep track of your passwords and more. I purchased the app last night and setting it up was easy–I had my previous data already synced to Dropbox. The new app is slick. The addition of favorites and folders makes the app even better and just overall it feels like a solid app.

Some new features include iCloud syncing, a completely redesigned interface, favourites, a new web mode, folders, a cool demo mode and more. Check out this FAQ for more info.

Click here to download 1Password 4 while it’s still on sale for $7.99. Are you using 1Password?


  • Peter Pottinger


  • nothing fancy

    i dont know, i love that they upgrade the software but…. i already paid for it :/ 50% or not, just seems … frustrating from a customer side

  • Wait a minute, let’s say u already had 1Password and you want to get the newer version. You have to pay 7.99 $ for it? Seriously?
    It should be included for free for previous owners of 1Password.

  • Yes I did. 1Password 4 is not an upgrade, it’s a completely new app that you have to purchase again. I don’t mind supporting Agile Bit, they’re based in Toronto and are awesome.

  • Mark

    How is this better than RoboForm?

  • opq

    My thoughts exactly.. I paid $11.99 for 1Password Pro on iOS less than 6 months ago. At that time it was my most expensive iOS purchase already. And I already have to shell out another $8? (which would itself be more expensive than most apps I buy)

    Oh and i’m pretty sure they got rid of Wi-Fi Sync, which is how I sync my Mac and iOS

  • opq

    New app or not it fundamentally does the same thing as 1Password 3, remember my passwords. It’s more polished and all but if they’re starting a cycle where I have to pay $10 every year for an upgrade, they’re in direct contradiction with the $0.99 app model and free upgrades. If Winzip offered lifetime upgrades, I don’t see why they can’t. Just plain greed.

    And we haven’t even talked about the $50 Mac / Windows app.

  • opq

    In comparison, Pages, Keynote and Numbers are $9.99 each. Are we seriously supposed to believe the iOS part of 1Password itself at a regular $17.99 price is worth twice as much as a word processor, spreadsheet app or presentation app???

  • Max

    I own both iphone and ipad version and now even with 50% off I have to buy it twice again and that’s not a cheap iOS app, so I will stick still to the previous version. Unless a more reasonable away of upgrading is offered, I won’t buy the new version.

  • Deandre_012

    Great discount info. I use SplashData’s SplashID Safe – the oldest security app around. Their iPhone version is versatile it may even be used for iPad.