1Password Sale: 50% Off During 2013 Macworld/iWorld


If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to 1Password 4, this is your time to do it as Canada’s AgileBits has announced a promotional 50% off sale to celebrate the start of 2013 Macworld/iWorld:

1Password 4 for iOS was released back in December and comes as a completely redesigned app. Download links below:

1P4 iPhone Action Bar 1P4 iPhone web tabs
1Password is by far one of my most-used apps and is a must-have for any iPhone or iPad owner. This is my go-to app for making life easier on the web especially when we have billions of passwords to remember. It’s also great for filling forms and saving any important info securely, with various sync options including Dropbox and iCloud.


  • Zapperman

    Wait, $8.99 is the discounted price? Yikes. No thanks. Was almost interested at $4…

  • I use 1password all the time as well and would highly recommend it. I feel much safer with harder-to-crack passwords (my Facebook password is 24 random characters) that are different for each website. Gone are the days of requesting password resets. Everything is very slick and well-done with this app.

    If spending $50 now means that my online life is much less susceptible to being hacked, then that’s money well-spent in my opinion. Actually, even just for the time-saver this has been, I almost feel I’ve got my money’s worth, and I paid full-price for both the desktop and iOS apps.

  • Agree. 1Password just makes life easier.