1Password 4 for iOS on Sale for 40% Off, Mac Upgrades for 50% Off


Toronto’s AgileBits has announced a Thanksgiving sale for 1Password 4 for iOS and the Mac!

1Password 4 for iOS is on sale for 40% off at $9.99 (normally $17.99).

For existing 1Password 3 users on the Mac, upgrades are now available for 50% off the regular price for just $24.99 (normally $49.99). All you have to do is enter your existing license key to get the deal.

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If you don’t have a password manager yet, I can’t recommend 1Password highly enough. It’s one of the best (if not the best) password apps you can get and which can easily sync data between all your iOS devices and your Mac/PC (iCloud or Dropbox sync rocks). 1Password just makes life easier and is the first app I recommend to new iOS or Mac users.

Click here to download 1Password 4 for iOS for $9.99 and click here to get your 1Password 4 Mac upgrade for $24.99.


  • Ryan

    It’s great software, but their licenses are ridiculous. At regular price it costs about $100 to use their software. With an upgrade cycle every 2-3 years that’s just too much money. $12/year for LastPass (while an inferior product) is a much better deal.

  • If you buy when they have sales like this, it’s worth the investment.

    But really, it comes down to preference. You get what you pay for–I don’t mind supporting AgileBits as 1Password has saved me a tonne of time and increased productivity.

  • Al

    1 Password is clunky compared to RoboForm, which has far better browser integration and simple cloud support (instead of having to use DropBox).

  • How is the browser integration ‘clunky’? You just click your login and it autofills.

  • Al

    I’m going by the version I tried out a couple of years ago (which was quite awkward in certain areas), and also based on what the website shows today (perhaps I’m interpreting it incorrectly?). It appears that you have to open a separate 1 Password login window first, or you have to use 1 Password’s own bookmarks (Go & Fill menu). With RoboForm, it’s just there as a true single-click login button as soon as you navigate to a page that requires a login.